World’s Largest Marathons

Below is the list of World’s Largest Marathons compiled by Running USA for the year 2012 based on the number of finishers. Chicago Marathon replaced NYC Marathon at the top spot.

World’s Largest Marathons

Rank Race Finishers (2012)
1 Bank of America Chicago Marathon, IL 37475
2 Virgin London Marathon, GBR 36705
3 Tokyo Marathon, JPN 34656
4 BMW Berlin Marathon, GER 34348
5 Paris Marathon, FRA 32980
6 Osaka Marathon, JPN 27157
7 Honolulu Marathon, HI 24069
8 Marine Corps Marathon, DC 23519
9 Boston Marathon, MA 21616
10 Zurich Barcelona Marathon, ESP 19198
11 Honda LA Marathon, CA 18919
12 Naha Marathon, JPN 17819
13 Kobe Marathon, JPN 16818
14 Ibusuki Nanohana Marathon, JPN 15785
15 Joon Ang Seoul Marathon, KOR 15346

Key Highlights

  • The ING New York City Marathon which occupied the top spot was cancelled due to superstorm Sandy.
  • Five marathons had more than 30,000 finishers in 2012
  • U.S. again had 7 of the 15 largest marathons in the world
  • The 2010 ING New York City Marathon with its 44,977 finishers remains the largest marathon of all-time

Check out the complete report from Running USA.

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