TCS World 10K Bangalore Results

Recent results from TCS World 10K for elite runners are published below. The TCS World 10K run is an annual 10 KM road race which takes place in Bangalore, India. The race has been accorded the IAAF Gold Label Road Race status, the highest rating for road races from the IAAF.

TCS World 10K Bangalore 2014 Results

May 18, 2014. On a day when no one predicted fast timings, Geoffrey Kamworoor-Kipsang obliterated the six-year-old course record with an excellent 27:44 clocking, while Lucy Kabuu led a Kenyan podium sweep in the women’s race, also with a brilliant new time of 31:48, in the 7th edition of TCS World 10K Bangalore.


  1. Geoffrey KWAMWOROR KEN 27:44
  2. Joshua CHEPTEGEI KEN 28:24
  3. Kinde ATANAW ETH 28:35
  4. Thomas AYEKO UGA 28:47
  5. Vincent CHEPKOK KEN 28:54

  1. Lucy KABUU KEN 31:48
  2. Joyce CHEPKIRUI KEN 31:55
  3. Linet MASAI KEN 32:28
  4. Guteni SHONE ETH 32:42
  5. Helah KIPROP KEN 33:30

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TCS World 10K Bangalore 2013 Results

May 26, 2013. Alex OLOITIPTIP won the men’s race (28:07) and Gladys CHERONO won women’s race (32:03). Both the winners are from Kenya.


  1. Alex OLOITIPTIP KEN 28:07
  2. Nicholas KIPKEMBOI KEN 28:12
  3. Birhanu LEGESSE ETH 28:16
  4. Mike KIGEN KEN 28:29
  5. Philemon RONO KEN 28:37

  1. Gladys CHERONO KEN 32:03
  2. Guteni SHONE KEN 32:10
  3. Esther CHEMTAI KEN 32:14
  4. Lucy KABUU KEN 32:18
  5. Emily CHEBET KEN 32:19

TCS World 10K 2012 Results

May 27, 2012. Geoffrey Kipsang and Helah Kiprop ran brave races in contrasting weather conditions to lead a Kenyan clean sweep of the top three places in both men’s and women’s races.


  1. Geoffrey KIPSANG KEN 28:00
  2. Alex KORIO KEN 28:09
  3. Victor KIPCHICHIR KEN 28:15
  4. Feyisa LELISA ETH 28:30
  5. Leonard LANGAT KEN 28:33

  1. Helah KIPROP KEN 32:22
  2. Esther CHEMUTAI KEN 32:34
  3. Doris CHANGEYWO KEN 32:44
  4. Arabel YESHANEH ETH 33:04
  5. Selam ABERE ETH 33:08

Results for all participants are available on the official TCS World 10K Bangalore results page (search by year).

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