Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon Results

Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon

Recent results from Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon for elite runners are published below. Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon is an exciting USATF-sanctioned footrace that begins at Mt. Vernon Estates and ends in National Harbor, Maryland, USA. The race benefits several non-profit organizations and is supported by various local and national running organizations.

Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon 2013 Results

Nov 10, 2013. Girma crossed the finish line at National Harbor in 1 hour 4 minutes 41 seconds. Johnson, one of the nation’s top distance runners who trains with Team USA Arizona in the mountains of Flagstaff, hit the tape in 1:13:02, 22 seconds faster than last year but 35 seconds shy of her personal best set in Green Bay, WI, earlier this year.


  1. Girma Gebre 1:04:40.7
  2. Siraw Kebede Gelaw 1:05:11.6
  3. Nahom Mesfin 1:05:15.8
  4. Kieran Oconnor 1:06:49.3
  5. Ayele Kassaye 1:06:50.5

  1. Kellyn Johnson 1:13:01.6
  2. Desta Tadesse 1:13:53.9
  3. Waynishet Abebe 1:14:10.2
  4. Meseret Ali Basa 1:15:34.4
  5. Etafirahu Temesgen 1:16:27.2

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Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon 2012 Results

Oct 7, 2012. It took Ndereba, a staple on the U.S. road race circuit, 65 minutes, 15 seconds to win the point-to-point 13.1-mile race. Kellyn Johnson, on the other hand, made quick work out of the women’s race, becoming the first American woman to triumph here. She took a commanding lead from the start and earned her victory by a margin of exactly two minutes in 1:13:24.


  1. Samuel Ndereba (KEN)1:05:15
  2. Fernando Cabada (USA / CO) 1:05:40
  3. Deteje Girma (ETH) 1:06:08
  4. Frank Devar (USA / VA) 1:06:32
  5. Birhanu Tadesse (ETH) 1:06:53

  1. Kellyn Johnson (USA / AZ) 1:13:24
  2. Aziza Aliyu Abate (ETH) 1:15:24
  3. Wayinshet Abebe Hailu (ETH) 1:15:44
  4. Megan Herrick (USA / AZ) 1:18:19
  5. Michelle Miller (USA / MD)1:19:57

Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon 2011 Results

Kipkosgei won the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon in 1 hour 2 two minutes 37 seconds. Kipkosgei’s winning time was a couple minutes slower than his personal best. The women’s runaway winner, Bekelech Bedada, cruised to the win in 1 hour 12 minutes 44 seconds, besting Gladys Asiba by more than three minutes.


  1. Moses Kigen Kipkosgei 1:02:36.1
  2. Derese Deniboba 1:02:55.5
  3. Jordan Horn 1:03:52.4
  4. Abiyot Endale 1:04:00.9
  5. Danny Mercado 1:04:01.9

  1. Bekelech Bedada 1:12:43.8
  2. Gladys Asiba 1:15:56.8
  3. Michelle Miller 1:19:41.6
  4. Mekides Bekele 1:20:03.4
  5. Amy McDonaugh 1:23:59.8

Results for all participants are available on the official Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon results page (search by year).

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