UNICEF Charity Run 10K Results

Recent results from UNICEF Charity Run 10K for elite runners are published below. UNICEF Charity Run 10k running event takes place in Hong Kong and has become the signature event for Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF. Held in Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, the event has raised more than HK$28 million and attracted over 32,000 runners to participate.

UNICEF Charity Run 10K 2013 Results

Nov 24, 2013.  Follett Bradley with 41:23 won the men’s title. The first woman to cross the finish line was Hong Naomi who clocked 00:48:34.


  1. Follett Bradley 00:41:23
  2. Lam Wai Hei 00:41:59
  3. Lee Kar Ming 00:42:51
  4. Carlbark Anders 00:43:03
  5. Assargard Johan 00:43:17

  1. Hong Naomi 00:48:34
  2. Law Yee Man Dorothy 00:47:48
  3. Ho Queenie 00:49:04
  4. Ishii Momoko 00:49:37
  5. Chambers Gemma 00:49:59

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UNICEF Charity Run 10K 2012 Results

Nov 25, 2012. Defending champion Gi Ka-man retained his title in the men’s elite 10km event in a slightly quicker time (32:52) than he ran in last year’s warm and dry conditions. Stefano Passarello came in second, more than a minute adrift of Gi, while Brendan Kean placed third in 33:59. In the absence of defending champion Yiu Kit-ching, who was on international marathon duty in Osaka, Mok Chi-ling claimed her first major road race victory by winning the women’s 10km in 40:28.


  1. Gi Ka-man 32:52
  2. Stefano Passarello
  3. Brendan Kean 33:59

  1. Mok Chi-ling 40:28
  2. .
  3. .

UNICEF Charity Run 10K 2011 Results

Nov 27, 2011. GI KA MAN with 32:27 won the men’s title. The first woman to cross the finish line was YIU KIT CHING who clocked 01:24:4536:23.


  1. GI KA MAN 00:32:27
  3. YUEN HO YIN 00:34:19
  4. LI WANG CHUN 00:34:29
  5. WAN CHEUK HEI 00:35:02

  1. YIU KIT CHING 00:36:23
  2. KONG ANGELINA 00:39:29
  3. CUTLER CHARLOTTE 00:41:43
  4. WALLER KATHLEEN 00:42:22
  5. CHUNG MAN TUNG 00:42:46

Results for all participants are available on the official UNICEF Charity Run 10K results page (search by year).

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