Tunnel to Towers Run Results

September 7, 2011


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Recent results from Tunnel to Towers Run for elite runners are published below. The New York City Fire Department organizes Tower to Tunnel Run for honoring Stephen and all the 343 firefighters who who perished on 9/11. The mission is to follow Stephen’s footsteps through support of children who have lost a parent, firefighters, and military who have been seriously injured and sacrifice their quality of life in the line of duty.

Tunnel to Towers Run 2014 Results

Sep 28, 2014. Colin Burke was the topper among the men clocking 00:17:56 and Caitrin Demchko was the winner among the women with 00:19:44.


  1. Colin Burke 00:17:56
  2. Mark Salzillo 00:18:14
  3. Robert Roach 00:19:06

  1. Caitrin Demchko 00:19:44
  2. Erin Higgins 00:20:57
  3. Jackie Gruendel 00:20:59

Photos / Videos

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Tunnel to Towers Run 2013 Results

David Adams was the topper among the men clocking 16:38 and Michelle Lafleur was the winner among the women with 17:25.


  1. David Adams 16:38
  2. Aidan Rogers 17:19
  3. Steven Mungin 18:01
  4. Chadler Goldman 18:14
  5. Matthew Tranquilli 18:20

  1. Michelle Lafleur 17:25
  2. Sara Maltby 17:36
  3. Lindsay Platky 19:31
  4. Lauren Grant 19:39
  5. Libby Le Tourneau 20:41

Results for all participants are available on the official Tunnel to Towers Run results page (search by year).

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