Tinker Bell 10K Results

December 15, 2013


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Recent results from Tinker Bell 10K for elite runners are published below. Tinker Bell 10K is hosted by the city of Anaheim and Disneyland Resort since 2014. The 10K is a part of Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend events.

Tinker Bell 10K 2014 Results

Jan 18, 2014. The 10K race was won by Adam Henry with 34:15. Nina Miller was the first woman at the finish with 37:34.


  1. Adam Henry 34:15
  2. Todd Nickerson 34:27
  3. Caleb Lander 36:44

  1. Nina Miller 37:34
  2. Staci Foster 37:52
  3. Kellie Nickerson 39:39

Photos / Videos

Check out the event photo gallery
Check out the popular videos of the event

Results for all participants are available on the official Tinker Bell 10K results page (search by year).

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