The Great Cow Harbor 10K Run Results

The Great Cow Harbor 10K Run

Recent results from The Great Cow Harbor 10K Run for elite runners are published below. The Great Cow Harbor 10-Kilometer Run is one of the most prestigious foot races in Northport, NewYork and nationally ranked. Runner’s World has named the Cow Harbor Race as one of the top 100 races in the USA.

The Great Cow Harbor 10K Run 2011 Results

Sep 17, 2011. Mohamed Trafeh, 26, of Duarte Calif. won the Great Cow Harbor 10K in 28 minutes 17.4 seconds, breaking the old course record of 28:22 set by Ryan Hall in 2006. The women’s winner also shattered a 17-year-old race record.


  1. Mohamed Trafeh, Duarte Calif. 28:17.4 (CR)
  2. Carlos Trujillo, Middleton, Id. (29:13.1)
  3. James Strang, Colorado Springs (29:17.3)
  4. Fernando Cabada, Boulder, Colo. (29:31.8)

  1. Janet Cherobon-Bawcom, Rome 32:26.4
  2. Deena Kastor, Mammoth Lakes, Calif. (33:20.7)
  3. Alisha Williams, Colorado Springs (33:47.8)

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The Great Cow Harbor 10K Run 2010 Results

Mohamed Trafeh, the winner of 2009, repeated his victory again by finishing the course in 29:22.7. In the women’s division, Magdalena Boulet won the race with 33:59.1.


    1 Mohamed Trafeh 29:22.7
    2 Aaron Braun 29:24.1
    3 Andrew Carlson 29:56.0
    4 Ben Bruce 30:03.8
    5 Stephen Furst 30:22.2

    1 Magdalena Boulet 33:59.1
    2 Stephanie Rothstein 34:11.3
    3 Nan Kennard 34:38.5
    4 Alisha Williams 34:59.5
    5 Katie Di Camillo 35:08.2

The Great Cow Harbor 10K Run 2009 Results

Team USA Minnesota’s Katie McGregor won the women’s race at the 32nd Great Cow Harbor 10k , and Mohamed Trafeh was the winner in the men’s field. McGregor’s time was 33:12 and Trafeh crossed the finish line in 29:15.6.


    1 Mohamed Trafeh 29:15.6
    2 Jason Lehmkuhle 29:18.5
    3 Tommy Neal 29:32.6
    4 Matt Llano 29:49.0
    5 Matt Levassiur 30:19.2

    1. Katie Mc Gregor 33:12.0
    2. Heidi Westerling 34:00.6
    3. Alisha Williams 34:34.2
    4. Katie Dicamillo 35:03.1
    5. Mary Akor 35:55.2

Results for all participants are available on the official The Great Cow Harbor 10K Run results page (search by year).

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