That Dam Run Half Marathon Results

That Dam Run Half Marathon Results

Recent results from the That Dam Run Half Marathon for elite runners are published below. That Dam Half Marathon takes place at Cherry Creek Dam Road, Greenwood Village, CO. Come out for the That Dam Half Marathon & 5K and Kids 1K Fun Run part of the RunDenver Series benefiting DeterminNation. DetermiNation refers to the American Cancer Society’s nation of athletes and the only endurance charity program that helps save lives from all cancers.

That Dam Run Half Marathon 2013 Results

Mar 3, 2013.  The men’s race was won by Maclas, Mario in  1:07:57. The women’s race win was taken by Chyr, Nicole in 1:24:15.


  1. Maclas, Mario 1:07:57
  2. Catalano, Andrew 1:10:23
  3. Friesth, Jackson 1:12:22
  4. Mininger, Norman 1:14:49
  5. Desilets, Christopher 1:15:03

  1. Chyr, Nicole 1:24:15
  2. Saphire, Kathryn 1:25:12
  3. Pizzo, Sarah 1:25:47
  4. Carey, Elizabeth 1:28:35
  5. Smith, Molly 1:28:38

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That Dam Run Half Marathon 2012 Results

Mar 4, 2012. The Half Marathon had 333 Finishers. The men’s race was won by Tyler Sewald in 1:16.29. Greg Decent of Vail took second in 1:20.47, while Richard DeMarco of Littleton took third in 1:21.24. The women’s race win was taken by Debbie Patskowski of Highlands Ranch in 1:30.35.


  1. Sewald, Tyler 1:16:29
  2. Decent, Greg 1:20:47
  3. Demarco, Richard 1:21:24
  4. Slootmaker, Chris 1:21:49
  5. Llerandi, Nate 1:22:18

  1. Patskowski, Debbie 1:30:35
  2. Slootmaker, Jenna 1:36:48
  3. Dugan, Emily 1:37:34
  4. Jones, Kelsey 1:37:36
  5. Bolling, Katie 1:38:44

That Dam Run Half Marathon 2011 Results

Japeth Ng’ojoy cruised to an easy win at That Dam Run Half Marathon. Ngo’ojoy, a Kenyan native who lives in Greeley, ran the course in 1:13:46. Trent Joseph and Cyrus Severance took 2nd and 3rd place for the men. The women’s race was won by Kris Klotzbach, winner of the 2010 Colorado Marathon, in 1:30:21.


  1. Japeth Ng’ojoy 1:13:46
  2. Trent Joseph 1:18:02
  3. Cyrus Severance 1:21:40
  4. Andrew Terrill 1:23:57
  5. Jesus Martinez 1:24:43

  1. Kris Klotzbach 1:30:19
  2. Karen Voss 1:36:43
  3. Kris Minne 1:40:36
  4. Monica Ryan 1:41:12
  5. Trisha Vigil 1:43:54

Results for all participants are available on the official That Dam Run Half Marathon website.

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