Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon Results

Recent results from Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon for elite runners are published below. Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon is a leading sport event of Israel, taking place in spring, in Tel Aviv, one of the most exciting Mediterranean cities. In 2009, it was revived and has been taking place annually since, attracting over 18,000 runners.

Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon 2014 Results

Feb 28, 2014. Ezekiel Kiech won the race in the men’s section with 2:14:38. The women’s title was won by Margaret with 2:44:22.


  1. Ezekiel KOECH KEN 2:14:38
  2. Emmanuel KETER KEN 2:15:15
  3. Sammy Kimeli LIMO KEN 2:20:13
  4. Fikade Amdu BERGA ETH 2:20:45
  5. Naile Admasu GEBRE ETH 2:28:39

  1. Margaret NJUGUNA KEN 2:44:22
  2. Naomy TUEI KEN 2:45:10
  3. Azeb WELDHAWARIAT ETH 2:54:01
  4. Hadas DOBOVI ISR 3:19:28
  5. Anna PRAIS ISR 3:26:52

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Tel Aviv Marathon 2013 Results

Mar 15, 2013. Marathon canceled due to bad weather.

Tel Aviv Marathon 2012 Results

Mar 30, 2012. The winner of the Tel Aviv Marathon is Sammy Tu from Kenya who finished the course in two hours 15 minutes and fourteen seconds. Tu set a new record and won the $10,000 prize. Some 25,000 runners took part in the marathon.


  1. Sammy Too KEN 2:15:15
  2. Henry Kipkirui Chumba KEN 2:16:59
  3. Feyera Gemeda Dadi ETH 2:17:36
  4. Alemu Dabessa Gemene ETH 2:17:42
  5. Josphat Kipkemboi Ronoh 2:21:17

  1. Abeba Tola Eda ETH 2:38:27
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Results for all participants are available on the official Tel Aviv Marathon results page (search by year).

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sharon kemboi

your race has been good but i request you increase the amount of awards(money)and you be paying the top ten runners.this wil give morale to the athlete hence participating in the next season otherwise the race has been fair.your consideration wil be highly appreciated.thanks.

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