ASICS Stockholm Marathon

December 17, 2011


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Stockholm Marathon, known as the ASICS Stockholm Marathon for sponsorship reasons, is an annual race arranged in Stockholm, Sweden since 1979. It serves as the Swedish marathon championship race. The marathon normally takes place at the beginning of June or the end of May. The ASICS Stockholm Marathon comprises two scenic laps around the medieval city situated on fourteen islands, on the banks of the archipelago of 24,000 islands.

At the finish, in the classical 1912 Olympic Stadium, enthusiastic fans greet the runners. The Marathon Expo, the Pasta Party and the Post Race Celebration are traditional parts of the event, bringing all runners together in a joyful atmosphere. With almost 7,500 international runners from more than 80 countries the ASICS Stockholm Marathon is also a multicultural festival.

Website: Stockholm Marathon | June 1, 2013


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Start Times

The race starts at 12.00 on the street ”Lidingövägen”, just outside the Olympic Stadium. The runners will be divided into two groups that start with 10 minutes interval.


To participate in Stockholm Marathon you can register in the official website. 21.565 runners from 81 nations is now to be found in the starting list, which is the new record for the ASICS Stockholm Marathon.

Runners can register for ASICS Stockholm Marathon through official travel agencies. 400 places in the marathon are reserved for the official travel agencies.

Course / Route Map & Elevation Profile


It is basically a two-lap course through the central parts of Stockholm. The surroundings vary from the woods of the Royal park “Djurgården” to the streets of a big city. The course passes buildings such as the Royal Palace, the City Hall, the Royal Opera and the Houses of Parliament. The course is one of the most scenic in the world. Much of the race is run along beautiful waterways.

When passing the “Västerbron” bridge, the runners will enjoy a fantastic view over a city with buildings ranging in age from the medieval times to the present day. The difference in altitude between the highest and the lowest point of the course is 29 meters. The race starts just outside the Olympic Stadium and finishes inside the beautiful arena. The first lap is 16.6 kilometres, the second lap 25.6 kilometres.

Time Limits and Cutoffs

The maximum running time is 6 hours. Organisers use the Champion Chip timing system that will record the net time. Intermediate times will be recorded at 5, 10, 15, 20, 21.1, 25, 30, 35 and 40 kilometres.

Water Stops

At each start pen there will be water on the right side of the street and toilets on left side. Refreshment stations are positioned about every third kilometre (about every 2 miles) along the route. The first lap has 6 stations and the second lap 10 stations.
At three refreshment stations (3 km, 16 km and 41 km) only water is served. At all other refreshment stations the Maxim Hypotonic Sports Drink Lemon/Lime flavour is served on the first set of tables. On the second set of tables, water is served.

Prize Money/ Awards

Runners who have completed ASICS Stockholm Marathon five times are awarded a diploma. After ten races a commemorative medal is presented. Diplomas are also awarded after 15 and 20 finishes. After finishing 25 times the honorary medal is awarded.

Course Records

Men: Hugh Jones (UK) 2:11:37 (1983)
Women: Grete Waitz (Norway) 2:28:24 (1988)

T-Shirts, Medals, Certificates

All runners who finish will receive an exclusive commemorative medal and the ASICS Stockholm Marathon finisher’s T-shirt.

Race Day Weather

The average temperature in Stockholm during the last week of May is 18° C, equal to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity is around 50 per cent.

Results & Past Winners

Results of past runs for all runners are available at our Stockholm Marathon Results page.

Race Date

May 30, 2015


Stockholm, Sweden

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Race Registration

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Course / Route Map

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Race Profile / Elevation Map

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Race Tags

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Time Limits & Cutoffs

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Course Records

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Prize Money & Awards

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T-Shirts, Medals, Certificates

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Water Stops & Refreshments

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Expected Race Day Weather

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