San Francisco Valentine’s Day Dash Results

San Francisco Valentine's Day Dash Results

Recent results from San Francisco Valentine’s Day Dash for elite runners are published below. The Love ’em or Leave ’em Valentine’s Day Dash will also take place in San Francisco! Individuals and two-person teams alike can compete in this festive Valentine’s themed 5K event while kids 10 & under can run in the free kid’s dash. Plenty of food, fun and love will await at the finish line festival area located at the Music Concourse inside Golden Gate Park.

San Francisco Valentine’s Day Dash 2013 Results

Feb 10, 2013. Robert Saka won the 5K men’s division in 16:46 time. Amanda Thornberry won the women’s division in 19:44 time.


  1. Robert Saka 16:46
  2. Brian Collett 16:51 
  3. Anders Fox 17:42 
  4. Nini Benbouzid 17:44 
  5. Jason Trollope 17:49

  1. Amanda Thornberry 19:44
  2. Alicia Saka 20:36 
  3. Sabrina Johnson 20:36 
  4. Lucina Lara 20:45
  5. Andrea Libutti 21:24

Photos / Videos

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San Francisco Valentine’s Day Dash 2012 Results

Feb 12, 2012. Jeriah Griswold won the 5K men’s division in 16:35 time. Joann Pavlovcak won the women’s division in 19:12 time.


  1. Jeriah Griswold 16:35
  2. Rob Saka 16:47
  3. Brian Collett  17:08
  4. Kenley Gaffka 18:04
  5. Leon Terentiv 18:28

  1. Joann Pavlovcak 19:12
  2. Anita Devineni 20:56
  3. Alicia Saka 22:24
  4. Kate Kelly 22:25
  5. Melissa Duffield 23:20

Results for all participants are available on the official San Francisco Valentine’s Day Dash San Francisco website.

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