Ports of Auckland Round the Bays Results

Ports of Auckland Round The Bays Results

Recent results from the Ports of Auckland Round The Bays for elite runners are published below. Ports of Auckland Round The Bays is one of the world’s largest fun-runs with nearly 40,000 registered runners and an estimated 70,000 participants. The spanning 8.4km around the city’s picturesque waterfront boulevards, Quay Street and Tamaki Drive, is an achievable distance for runners and walkers.

Ports of Auckland Round The Bays 2014 Results

Mar 9, 2014. Results Awaited.

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Ports of Auckland Round The Bays 2013 Results

Mar 10, 2013. Jono Jacson retained his winning title for the second year running, coming in at 26 minutes 39 seconds. American Becky Wade won the woman’s title in a time of 28 minutes 59 seconds.


  1. Jono Jacson 26:39
  2. Rees Buck 26:44
  3. Tony Payne 27:07

  1. Becky Wade 28:59
  2. Penny Peskett 29:15
  3. Nicola O’Callaigh 33:12

Ports of Auckland Round The Bays 2012 Results

March 18, 2012. Jono Jackson broke the tape at 28:04 to win the men’s title and Lisa Robertson finished the course in 29:19 to be the topper in the women’s section.


  1. Jono Jackson 28:04
  2. Tony Payne 28:16

  1. Lisa Robertson 29:19
  2. Nikki Hill 34:14

Results for all participants are available on the official Ports of Auckland Round The Bays results page.

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