Rotterdam Marathon 10K Run Results

November 23, 2012

buy viagra buy viagra south africa legit sites buy viagra website here Recent results from Rotterdam Marathon 10K Run for elite runners are published below. Rotterdam Marathon 10K Run involves running 10,000 meters through the center of Rotterdam. A part includes the official course of the Marathon with start and finish at the Coolsingel.

Rotterdam Marathon 10K Run 2014 Results

Apr 13, 2014. Sebastiaan Klooster won the race in the men’s section with  33:20. The women’s title was won by Sanne Broeksma in a time of 38:17.


  1. Sebastiaan Klooster NED 33:20
  2. Pieter Bakx NED 33:23
  3. Rik Wolswinkel NED 33:48
  4. Jelmer van Leeningen NED 34:20
  5. Robbert Meeuwse NED 34:43

  1. Sanne Broeksma NED 38:17
  2. Lotte Spraakman NED 39:02
  3. Ilonka van den Hengel NED 39:12
  4. Ljiljana Marijanovic NED 39:31
  5. Marina Peron FRA 40:17

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Rotterdam Marathon 10K Run 2013 Results

Apr 14, 2013. Eric van Santen won the race in the men’s section with 33:08. Sanne Broeksma was the topper in the women’s race clocking 36:45.


  1. Eric van Santen 33:08
  2. Jeroen Pollen 33:45
  3. Jelmer van Leeningen 34:12

  1. Sanne Broeksma 36:45
  2. Unik Setyorini 37:49
  3. Anja Prieler 38:23

Rotterdam Marathon 10K Run 2012 Results

Apr 15, 2012. Matti Markowski of Germany finished the course in 32:35 to win the men’s title and Anna Celinska of Poland won the women’s title in a time of 37:26.


  1. Matti Markowski [GER] 32:35
  2. Gerard Hollestelle [NED] 33:19
  3. Roberto Bueno Losada [ESP] 33:48
  4. Pedro Pelado [POR] 34:22
  5. Jorrit Pels [NED] 34:28

  1. Anna Celinska [POL] 37:26
  2. Sanne Broeksma [NED] 37:51
  3. Suzan Nieman [NED] 37:53
  4. Anne Mette Kleis-Kristoffersen [DEN] 38:44
  5. Ruth Watchorn Rice [GBR] 38:48

Results for all participants are available on the official Rotterdam Marathon 10K Run results page (search by year). cialis generic pill identifier viagra super active online visit this link viagra price at walgreens

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