Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Half Marathon Results

Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Half Marathon

Recent results from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Half Marathon for elite runners are published below. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Half Marathon race is held annually in Arizona before Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and linking three cities of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.  It is sponsored by P. F. Chang’s China Bistro and is a qualifier for the Boston Marathon.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Half Marathon 2014 Results

Jan 19, 2014. Canadian Rob Watson of the B.C. Endurance Project won the men’s half marathon, finishing in 1:05:03, more than 3 minutes ahead of second-place finisher Zachary Meineke (1:08:17) but only 3 seconds short of his goal. Fellow Canadian Natasha Wodak took second in the women’s race, behind Jess Peterson, 36, of Great Britain.


  1. Rob Watson 01:05:03
  2. Zachary Meineke 01:08:16
  3. Justin H Garrard 01:08:35
  4. Chris Gomez 01:08:42
  5. Justin Scheid 01:08:54

  1. Jess Petersson 01:13:47
  2. Natasha Wodak 01:16:24
  3. Meredith Placer 01:20:23
  4. Theresa Hailey 01:21:12
  5. Natalie Como 01:21:21

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Half Marathon 2013 Results

Jan 20, 2013. The half-marathon was dominated by Scott MacPherson, 25, of Austin, Texas, who won in 1:05:25. Stephanie Rothstein-Bruce, 29, of Flagstaff, Arizona took the women’s title in the half marathon, winning in 1:15:17.


  1. Scott Mac Pherson 01:05:25
  2. Jake Krong 01:05:55
  3. Danny Mercado 01:07:11
  4. Glenn Randall 01:07:27
  5. Kenneth Foster 01:07:54

  1. Stephanie Rothstein Bruce 01:15:17
  2. Dorota Gruca 01:15:56
  3. Connie Teague 01:16:44
  4. Alvina Begay 01:18:22
  5. Adrian Neal 01:18:45

Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Half Marathon 2012 Results

Jan 15, 2012. In the men’s half-marathon, Dylan Wykes, a 28-year-old Canadian currently training in Flagstaff, Arizona, separated himself from the sound of starter’s pistol to win in 1 hour, 2 minutes and 38 seconds, nearly 6 minutes up on second-place finisher Tibor Vegh of Flagstaff, who crossed the finish line in 1:08:32. In the women’s half marathon, Phoenix native and 5,000/10,000-meter track specialist Sara Slattery of Boulder, Colorado broke the tape in 1:16:24 to win.


  1. Dylan Wykes 01:02:38
  2. Tibor Vegh 01:08:32
  3. Jon Harmon 01:08:53
  4. Fidele Barengesabe 01:09:11
  5. Charles Simon 01:09:12

  1. Sara Slattery 01:16:24
  2. Dorota Gruca 01:18:34
  3. Allison Krausen 01:18:43
  4. Kat Howard 01:19:56
  5. Kristina Vegh 01:21:04

Results for all participants are available on the official Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Half Marathon results page (search by year).

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