Rio de Janeiro Marathon Results

Rio de Janeiro Marathon Results

Recent results from the Rio de Janeiro Marathon for elite runners are published below. Rio De Janeiro Marathon is a 42km run through the city streets starting in Receiro and finishing in Flamengo on a point-to-point course. Runners see parts of famous neighborhoods like Praia da Reserva, Leblon, Ipanema, Copacabana, Botafogo and Flamengo along the way.

Rio de Janeiro Marathon 2014 Results

Jul 27, 2014. Edmilson Kings Santana finished the 42-kilometer competition with 2 hours, 17 minutes and 12 seconds. In the ladies category, the winner was Ednah Mukhwana (2:40:32).


  1. Edmilson Kings Santana 02:17:12
  2. Elijah Kipkemei Kemboi 02:17:26
  3. Marcos Antonio Pereira 02:18:15
  4. Wilson Antonio Sousa Lima 02:19:23
  5. Pedro Jesus ​​Mora 02:20:26

  1. Ednah Mukhwana 02:40:32
  2. Nelly Jepkurui 02:44:48
  3. Zuleima Amaya 02:51:22
  4. Adriana Santil Coast 02:51:57
  5. Canceicao Maria De Carvalho Oliveira 02:53:05

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Rio de Janeiro Marathon 2013 Results

Jul 7, 2013. Da Silva, 41, recently recovered from an injury, finished the 42-kilometer competition with 2 hours, 18 minutes and 3 seconds (2:18:03), defeating last-year champion Kenyan Willy Kimutai, who arrived second with a time of 2:18:11. In the ladies category, the winner was Ethiopian Letay Negash Hadussh (2:40:18).


  1. Giomar Pereira DA SILVA BRA 2:18:02
  2. Willy KANGOGO KEN 2:18:11
  3. Jonathan Kosgei KIPKORIR KEN 2:19:40
  4. Marcos Antonio PEREIRA BRA 2:20:31
  5. Edmilson Dos Reis SANTANA BRA 2:20:52

  1. Letay Negash HADUSH ETH 2:40:18
  2. Rose JEPCHUMBA KEN 2:41:34
  3. Pamela CHEYCH KEN 2:43:30
  4. Marily DOS SANTOS BRA 2:46:06
  5. Conceicao Carvalho OLIVEIRA BRA 2:52:00

Rio de Janeiro Marathon 2012 Results

July 8, 2012. Willy Kimutai Kangogo, 28 of Kenya, earned top honors at the 2012 Rio Marathon, as he crossed the finish line first in 2:15:01. Thabita Kibet, of Kenya, who won 2010 marathons at Kampala and Mombasa, won the women’s race in 2:34:41.


  1. Willy KANGOGO KEN 2:15:01
  2. Marcos Antonio PERREIRA BRA 2:17:07
  3. David Kiprono METTO KEN 2:17:28
  4. Elizier De Jesus SANTOS BRA 2:17:38
  5. Alan Bizerra DE OLIVEIRA BRA 2:19:33

  1. Thabita KIBET KEN 2:34:41
  2. Pamela Chey ECHANESOUWK KEN 2:37:17
  3. Graciete Moreira SANTANA BRA 2:42:21
  4. Gisele Barros DE JESUS BRA 2:47:28
  5. Vianca Nataly Pereira ZEBALLOS BRA 2:50:33

Results for all participants are available on the official Rio de Janeiro Marathon results page (search by year).

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