Rio de Janeiro Half Marathon Results

Rio de Janeiro Marathon Results

Recent results from the  Rio de Janeiro Half Marathon for elite runners are published below. Rio De Janeiro Half Marathon is a 21km run through the city streets starting in Receiro and finishing in Flamengo on a point-to-point course. With the Serra do Mar mountains rising inland from Rio’s fabulous shoreline, this scenery with oceans to the right and mountains to the left, makes the course one of the more picturesque marathons in the world.

Rio de Janeiro Half Marathon 2013 Results

July 7, 2013. In the half-marathon competition, the victory also belongs to a Brazilian runner, Altobeli Santos da Silva, 23, who brought the crown to the South American country for the first time since 2008, with a time of 1:04:00. In the ladies category, Kenyan Ednah Mukhwana was the winner with a time of 01:16:08.


  1. Altobeli Santos Da Silva 1:04:00
  2. Eliya Daudi Sidame 1:04:05
  3. Giovani Dos Santos 1:04:13
  4. Fikru Abera Dadi 1:04:14
  5. Hillary Kipgetich Kibet 1:04:19

  1. Ednah Mukhwana 1:16:08
  2. Catherine Lange Yuku 1:16:14
  3. Meseret Legese Biratu 1:16:21
  4. Selly Jepkemoi Korir 1:16:30
  5. Sirlene Souza De Pinho 1:19:24

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Rio de Janeiro Half Marathon 2012 Results

July 8, 2012. Results awaited.
Not available.

Rio de Janeiro Half Marathon 2011 Results

Damiao A DA SOUZA from Brazil won the men’s race in a time of 1 hour 4 minutes 41 seconds, Elizabeth Rumuko CHEPKEMEI from Kenya finished in 1:14:17 time and took the first place in the women’s division.


  1. Damiao A DA SOUZA BRA 1:04:41
  2. Paul Koech KIMUTAI KEN 1:04:44
  3. Giovani DOS SANTOS BRA 1:05:03

  1. Elizabeth Rumukol CHEPKEMEI KEN 1:14:17
  2. Cruz Nonata DA SILVA BRA 1:14:49
  3. Maria Bernadete CABRAL BRA 1:21:33

Results for all participants are available on the official Rio de Janeiro Half Marathon results page (search by year).

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