Quantum Nicosia Half Marathon Results

Recent results from Quantum Nicosia Half Marathon for elite runners are published below. Quantum Nicosia Half Marathon is organized every year in Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus. The start and finish is at Famagusta Gate, in front of the main entrance. The Half marathon race is made up of 1 round of the route. It will represent Cyprus internationally.

Quantum Nicosia Half Marathon 2013 Results

Dec 9, 2013. Results awaited.

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Quantum Nicosia Half Marathon 2012 Results

Dec 9, 2012. Constantinos Poulios, who won the first unofficial Quantum Nicosia Marathon in 2010, won the half-marathon in 1 hour, 9.41 minutes. Magdalini Gazea and Heidi Diakomopoulou won the top two places in the women’s half-marathon, followed by Victoria White from the U.K.


  1. Konstantinos POULIOS GRE 1:09:41
  2. Dimokritos PAPADAVID CYP 1:22:08
  3. Georgios BATAS GRE 1:22:44

  1. Magdalini GAZEA GRE 1:18:35
  2. Heidi DIAKOMOPOULOU 1:27:02
  3. Victoria WHITE GBR 1:34:56

Quantum Nicosia Half Marathon 2011 Results

Event cancelled.

Results for all participants are available on the official Quantum Nicosia Marathon results page (search by year).

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