Pensacola Double Bridge Run 15K Results

Recent results from Pensacola Double Bridge Run 15K for elite runners are published below. Pensacola Double Bridge Run 15K is Presented by Publix. Beginning in downtown Pensacola on Palafox Pier, the 15K winds through historic Pensacola, over the 3-mile bridge spanning Escambia Bay, through Gulf Breeze, over the Bob Sikes Bridge and the Intercostal Waterway, and finishing on the pristine white sands of Pensacola Beach.

Pensacola Double Bridge Run 15K 2015 Results

Feb 7, 2015. Two-time reigning Double Bridge Run champion Tyler McCandless had added pressure in his bid to win a third straight race Saturday. He finished in 45:18, a 4:52-mile average. The top female runner, Allie Kieffer had beginner’s luck on her side. The New York City resident finished her first Double Bridge Run in 55:41.


  1. Tyler McCandless 45:18
  2. Tristan Mannix 47:42
  3. Goeffrey Kiprotich 47:43

  1. Allie Kieffer 55:41
  2. Line Lauritsen 58:35
  3. Jennifer Mcgranahan 58:46

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Pensacola Double Bridge Run 15K 2014 Results

Feb 1, 2014. Tyler McCandless won the men’s race with 45:19 and Cynthia Jerop was the first woman at the finish clocking 52:29.


  1. Tyler McCandless 45:19
  2. Wesley Ochoro 47:42
  3. Ben Payne 48:03
  4. Timothy Richard 48:34
  5. John Njoroge 49:29

  1. Cynthia Jerop 52:29
  2. Kristen Arendt 52:39
  3. Rhiannon Johns 53:05
  4. Amanda Scott 53:48
  5. Grace Kahura 54:04

Pensacola Double Bridge Run 15K 2013 Results

Feb 2, 2013. Tyler McCandless won the men’s race with 46:12 and Sonja Friend-Uhl was the first woman at the finish clocking 54:56.


  1. Tyler McCandless 46:12
  2. Emmanuel Bor 48:06
  3. Richard Kessio 49:41
  4. Josh Carson 50:08
  5. Jeremy Provence 51:41

  1. Sonja Friend-Uhl 54:56
  2. Alexandra Blake 55:48
  3. Jennifer Pinto 59:04
  4. Jackie Kosakowski 1:01:32
  5. Debby Vannoy 1:01:54

Results for all participants are available on the official Pensacola Double Bridge Run 15K results page (search by year).

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