Penang Bridge International Marathon Results

Recent results from the Penang Bridge International Marathon are published below. Penang Bridge International Marathon takes place in each year in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. The starts and finish point is Queensbay Mall.

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2014 Results

Nov 16, 2014. Alex Melly finished with a time of 2 hours, 19 minutes and 47 seconds. The women’s overall winner was Frida Jepkite Lodepa who finished in 3:04:09.


  1. Alex Melly 02:19:47.1
  2. Hosea 02:21:22.7
  3. Joseph Kiio Mutinda 02:21:26.4
  4. Nelson Kirwa Rotich 02:22:20.0
  5. Joseph Kariuki 02:23:10.6

  1. Frida Jepkite Lodepa 03:04:09.6
  2. Jane Rotich 03:05:20.2
  3. Viola Jepchirchir. Kimeli 03:08:24.8
  4. Cecilia Warutumo Wangui 03:10:46.1
  5. Susan Jemutai Chepkwony 03:15:07.2

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Penang Bridge International Marathon 2013 Results

Nov 17, 2013. Kenyan runners again dominated the Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) 2013 by sweeping clean all the top three spots in both the Men’s and Women’s Full-Marathon Open category. In the Men’s Full-Marathon, James C Tallam took two hours 24 minutes to emerge champion. In the Women’s Full-Marathon, first time participant, Naomi Wambui Muriuki took two hours 53 minutes to finish as the winner.


  1. James C Tallam 02:24:42.71
  2. Joseph Gitau Kariuki 02:25:42.27
  3. Isaac Kiplagat Kimayio 02:25:58.00
  4. Bernard Mwendia Muthoni 02:27:53.91
  5. Shaharudin Bin Hashim 02:46:13.53

  1. Naomi Wambui Muriuki 02:53:03.64
  2. Cecilia Wangui Warutumo 03:11:18.78
  3. Caroline Kigen 03:14:53.47
  4. Esther Njeri Nganga 03:41:26.98
  5. Chen En Ning 03:43:28.85

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012 Results

Nov 18, 2012. Kenyan runners dominated the Allianz Penang Bridge International Marathon (APBIM) 2012 by sweeping the top three spots in the men’s open marathon. Isaac Kiplagat Kimayo took two hours 31 minutes to emerge champion followed by Naoh Kutung Chepsergon (2’33:05.53s) and Fredrick Mathiu (2’35:06.51s) in the second and third place. In the women’s open category, Germany’s Fischer Monika took first place with a time 3’25:09.50s.


  1. I Kiplagat KIMAIYO KEN 2:31:02
  2. N Kutung CHEPSE KEN 2:33:06
  3. Frederick MATHIU 2:35:07
  4. G Kiprotich BIRGEN KEN 2:41:38
  5. E Kiprono CHEMWOLO KEN 2:44:24

  1. Monica FISCHER GER 3:25:10
  2. Deborah CHINN 3:27:13
  3. Ninik SUGIWATI 3:37:31
  4. Clementine 3:39:37
  5. Tan Geok PHENG 3:40:55

Results for all participants are available on the official Penang Bridge International Marathon results page (search by year).

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