Paris Marathon Results

April 5, 2011


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Recent results from the Paris Marathon for elite runners are published below. Paris Marathon is one of the largest and most popular marathons in the world. With more than 30,000 finishers in 2010 it was placed as the 5th largest marathon in the world. The run starts from the Champs Élysées Avenue to Foch Avenue running through Bastille, Nation, Vincennes, les Tuileries.

Paris Marathon 2014 Results

Apr 6, 2014. Bekele crossed the line in 2:05:03 to take nine seconds off the course record set two years ago by Stanley Biwott. His time is the sixth-fastest marathon debut in history on a record-eligible course, and the fastest ever debut by someone older than 30. Kenya’s Flomena Cheyech lived up to pre-race expectations to win the women’s race, but in a time that exceeded expectations.


  1. Kenenisa BEKELE ETH 2:05:03
  2. Limenih GETACHEW ETH 2:06:49
  3. Luca KANDA KEN 2:08:01
  4. Robert KWAMBAI KEN 2:08:48
  5. Jackson LIMO KEN 2:09:05

  1. Flomena CHEYCH KEN 2:22:44
  2. Yebrgual MELESE ETH 2:26:21
  3. Zemzem AHMED ETH 2:29:35
  4. Faith CHEMAOUI KEN 2:31:59
  5. Gebisse Godana DERBI ETH 2:36:27

Photos / Videos

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Paris Marathon 2013 Results

Apr 7, 2013. Mens: Peter Some of Kenya wins the 37th Paris Marathon in 2:05:38! 2nd best time ever at Paris Marathon, with the existing course record set in 2012 by Stanley Biwott of Kenya (2:05:11). Tadese Tola of Ethiopia is second. Benjamin Malaty becomes first french runner to finish in 2:11:59.

Womens: New record in the women race Boru Tadese in 2:21:05, breaking Tirfi Beyene’s 2:21:39 set in 2012!


  1. Peter Some (KEN) 02:05:38
  2. Tadese Tola (ETH) 2:06:33
  3. Eric Ndiema (KEN) 2:06:34

  1. Boru Tadese (ETH) 2:21:05 (CR)
  2. Merima Mohammed (ETH) 2:23:13
  3. Eunice Kirwa (KEN) 2:23:32

Paris Marathon 2012 Results

Apr 15, 2012. Biwott of Kenya wins 2012 Paris Marathon 2:05:11 with a CR! Possibly the 6th fastest time of 2012. Assefa (ETH) takes 2nd with PB! Jisa (WTH) 3rd 2:06:23. Tirfi Beyene (ETH) wins womens race in 2:22:05, also a course record.


  1. Stanley Biwott (KEN) 2:05:11 (CR)
  2. Raji Assefa (ETH) 2:06:23
  3. Sisay Jisa (ETH) 2:06:26
  4. Eric Ndiema (KEN) 2:06:36
  5. Teferi Balcha (ETH) 2:07:37

  1. Tirfi Beyene (ETH) 2:22:05 (CR)
  2. Sultan Haydar (TUR)
  3. Makda Harun (ETH) 2:26:46
  4. Goitetum Tesema (ETH) 2:27:28
  5. Meseret Legesse (ETH) 2:28:18

Results for all participants are available on the official Paris Marathon results page (search by year).

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