NYCRuns Central Park Half Marathon Results

Recent results from NYCRuns Central Park Half Marathon for elite runners are published below. NYCRuns Central Park Half Marathon takes place in Central Park, New York, New York. The event includes a marathon & a half marathon. The USATF-Certified, Boston Qualifying race is currently capped at 1500 runners.

NYCRuns Central Park Half Marathon 2014 Results

Feb 23, 2014. Tim Clark was the winner of the men’s race with 1:12:46. The women’s race was won by Erin Reddan in 1:28:11.


  1. Tim Clark 1:12:46
  2. Ben Leese 1:12:47
  3. Brad Vollkommer 1:15:46

  1. Erin Reddan 1:28:11
  2. Locky Trachsel 1:28:12
  3. Laura Gilson 1:31:51

Photos / Videos

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NYCRuns Central Park Half Marathon 2013 Results

Weiss, Jonathan was the winner of the men’s race with 1:16:54. The women’s race was won by Pallardy, Kathleen in 1:21:01.


  1. Weiss, Jonathan 1:16:54
  2. Collins, Matt 1:17:27
  3. Clarke, Timothy 1:18:20
  4. o’Melveny, Brendan Michael 1:18:48
  5. Thomas, Janson 1:19:04

  1. Pallardy, Kathleen 1:21:01
  2. O’Sullivan, Kaitlin 1:23:30
  3. Beneke, Kristine 1:28:15
  4. McDermott, Meghan 1:28:42
  5. Herrick, Stephanie 1:30:26

Results for all participants are available on the official NYCRuns Central Park Half Marathon results page (search by year).

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