Norfolk Freedom Half Marathon Results

Recent results from the Norfolk Freedom Half Marathon for elite runners are published below. Norfolk Freedom Half Marathon is an annual run which takes place in Norfolk, VA. The weekend begins with a Freedom Health & Fitness Expo.

Norfolk Freedom Half Marathon 2013 Results

Nov 10, 2013. Ryan Foster clocked 1:09:12.6 to win the half marathon title in the men’s section and Christina Hogue was the winner of the women’s titlte in a time of 1:30:10.6.


  1. Ryan Foster 1:09:12.6
  2. Chris Bennett 1:19:15.7
  3. David Tunnicliffe 1:24:44.0

  1. Christina Hogue 1:30:10.6
  2. Samantha Popovich 1:32:41.0
  3. Jill Kratzer 1:36:11.2

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Norfolk Freedom Half Marathon 2012 Results

Nov 11, 2012. The men’s title was won by Brunecz, Jack in a time of 1:16:30 and the women’s title was won by High, Renee who completed the course in 1:21:47.


  1. Brunecz, Jack 1:16:30.910
  2. Oakes, Kyle 1:19:45.000
  3. Kessler, Todd 1:20:23.910

  1. High, Renee 1:21:47.720
  2. Lawrence, Kristen 1:27:59.780
  3. Ventrice, Maureen 1:30:04.280

Norfolk Freedom Half Marathon 2011 Results

Erik Bates took the title in men’s division in 1:21:05 time. The women’s run was won by Jennifer Quarles in 1:29:00 time.


  1. Erik Bates 1:21:05
  2. Frank Sprtel 1:23:11
  3. Jp Botti 1:23:37
  4. Peter Mitchell 1:24:30
  5. Timothy Dutton 1:24:50

  1. Jennifer Quarles 1:29:00
  2. Meghann Cook 1:31:37
  3. Leisa Villani 1:32:33
  4. Krista Lewelly 1:35:31
  5. Nadia Verbanac 1:35:53

Results for all participants are available on the official Norfolk Freedom Half Marathon results page (search by year).

3 thoughts on “Norfolk Freedom Half Marathon Results

lety parr

any updates??? I am trying to figure out what the times were too. this second year was not so great. i wonder if they will hire someone new to work on their website? Still has info up for 2012 registration….

Ellen Drames

Where can we find the 5k and the half marathon results for 2012 for the Norfolk Freedom Runs in Norfolk, VA on November 10 and 11, 2012.

Thank you,

Ellen Drames

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