Nike Women Half Marathon DC Results

Recent results from Nike Women Half Marathon DC for elite runners are published below. The Nike Women Half Marathon DC will be held in Washington, DC, USA. There will be approximately 15,000 participants. Men can also participate in the event.

Nike Women Half Marathon DC 2014 Results

Apr 27, 2014. More than 15,000 runners took part in DC’s Nike Women’s Half Marathon. Washington’s own Kaitlin Sheedy, 31, was first to cross the finish line Sunday with a time of 1:20:53. David Kelsay won the men’s title with 1:24:49.


  1. David Kelsay 1:24:49
  2. Huy Tran 1:26:42
  3. Lawrence Soto 1:27:24
  4. Gareth Jones 1:27:52
  5. Steve Edwards 1:29:55

  1. Kaitlin Sheedy 1:20:53
  2. Leigh Gerson 1:21:59
  3. Ann Mazur 1:22:58
  4. Louise Hannallah 1:23:55
  5. Renee Tolan 1:24:28

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Nike Women Half Marathon DC 2013 Results

Apr 28, 2013. Leading the packs of first-time half marathoners and visitors seeing the nation’s capital on foot for the first time, Alexandria ran far ahead of her competition from the first mile, having the city to herself, on her way to winning in 1:19:32 over McLean’s Wendi Robinson’s 1:21:06.


  1. Samia Akbar 1:19:32
  2. Wendi Robinson 1:21:06
  3. Margot Branigan 1:22:11
  4. Meghan Ridgley 1:22:23
  5. Lauren Osborne 1:23:55

Results for all participants are available on the official Nike Women Half Marathon DC results page (search by year).

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