Quantum Nicosia Marathon Results

Recent results from Quantum Nicosia Marathon for elite runners are published below. Quantum Nicosia Marathon is expected to be the largest sporting, cultural and social event to be organized every year in Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus. It will represent Cyprus internationally and will become a bridge which will connect the present with the long Greek history.

Quantum Nicosia Marathon 2013 Results

Dec 9, 2013. Results awaited.

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Quantum Nicosia Marathon 2012 Results

Dec 9, 2012. Demetris Voyiatzis from Greece won the Quantum Nicosia Marathon 2012, setting the fastest pace of 2 hours, 44.06 minutes in the 42 km race among 101 runners. Amelie Willemot from France won the women’s marathon in 3 hours, 24.50 minutes, with local athlete Maria Avraamidou finishing second.


  1. Dmitris VOGIATZIS GRE 2:44:07
  2. Panikkos STYLIANOU CYP 2:44:27
  3. Michael KEENAN GBR 2:46:46
  4. Costas PATINIOS CYP 2:57:11
  5. Chrysanthos ANTONIOU CYP 3:01:45

  1. Amelie WILLEMOT FRA 3:24:51
  2. Elena STAVRIDOU CYP 3:28:22
  3. Maria AVRAAMIDOU 3:40:08
  4. Pola HADJIPAPA CYP 3:54:53
  5. Dominique DERET 3:57:01

Quantum Nicosia Marathon 2011 Results

Event cancelled.

Results for all participants are available on the official Quantum Nicosia Marathon results page (search by year).

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