Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon Results

Recent results from Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon for elite runners are published below. The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon is the biggest marathon in India, and is popularly known as the “richest marathon in Asia”. Having been accredited with the IAAF Gold Label Road Race in 2010, the event sees more than 30,000 runners taking part every year.

Mumbai Marathon 2014 Results

Jan 19, 2014. Evans RUTO of Kenya was the topper in the men’s section with 2:09:33. In the women’s division Dinknesh MEKASH also from Ethopia the finish line in 2:28:08 to win the title.


  1. Evans RUTO KEN 2:09:33
  2. Lawrence KIMAIYO KEN 2:09:45
  3. Philemon BAARU KEN 2:09:58
  4. Syephen CHEBOGUT KEN 2:10:56
  5. Ishmael BUSHENDICH KEN 2:11:18

  1. Dinknesh MEKASH ETH 2:28:08
  2. Gladys KIPSOI KEN 2:29:53
  3. Bizunesh URGESA ETH 2:30:00
  4. Etalemahu KIDANE ETH 2:31:53
  5. Asnekech MENGISTU ETH 2:32:42

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Mumbai Marathon 2013 Results

Jan 20, 2013. Running only her second marathon Valentine Kipketer salvaged Kenyan pride in otherwise Ethiopian dominated territory as she clocked a course record to win the women’s race in the 10th anniversary edition. Kiprop came home with a new course record and Indian all-comers’ record of 2:09:32.


  1. Jackson KIPROP UGA 2:09:32
  2. Jacob CHESHARI KEN 2:09:43
  3. Elijah KEMBOI KEN 2:10:03
  4. Abraham GIRMA ETH 2:10:15
  5. Laban MOIBEN KEN 2:10:55

  1. Valentine KIPKETER KEN 2:24:33
  2. Dinknesh MEKASH ETH 2:28:46
  3. Aberu MERKURIA ETH 2:29:03
  4. Fantu JIMMA ETH 2:30:22
  5. Yeshimebet TADESSE ETH 2:30:52

Mumbai Marathon 2012 Results

Jan 15, 2012. Ethiopian Nestanet Achamo Abeyo clocked an impressive 2:26:12 to take the women’s crown while Laban Moiben of Kenya won in a close finish from another Ethiopian, Raji Assefa, to take the men’s title.


  1. Laban Moiben KEN 2:10:48
  2. Raji Assefa ETH 2:10:48 PB
  3. John Kyui KEN 2:10:54
  4. Gela Hailu ETH 2:11:32
  5. Nixon Maschichin KEN 2:11:37

  1. Nestanet Achamo Abeyo ETH 2:26:12 PB (CR)
  2. Fatuma Sado Dergo ETH 2:30:20
  3. Makda Harun ETH 2:30:47
  4. Ayelu Lemma Geda ETH 2:32:10 PB
  5. Roman Gebregessese ETH 2:34:18

Results for all participants are available on the official Mumbai Marathon results page (search by year).

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