Milo Marathon Manila 21K Results

Milo Marathon Manila 21K

Recent results from Milo Marathon Manila Final Race 21K for elite runners are published below. Milo Half Marathon Manila Final Race in Manila is a part of The National MILO® Marathon series, organized by RUNRIO, INC. The National MILO® Marathon was first held in 1974. The event has 5 race categories 3K Kiddie Run, 5K Fun Run, 10K, 21K and the challenging 42.195K Race.

Milo Marathon Manila 21K 2013 Results

Dec 8, 2013. Benjamin KIPKARI with 1:07:35 and Irine KIPCHUMPBA with 1:28:39 were the winners of the men’s and women’s titles.


  1. Benjamin KIPKARI KEN 1:07:35
  2. Eliud KERING KEN 1:08:31
  3. John CHEBII KEN 1:12:02

  1. Irine KIPCHUMPBA KEN 1:28:39
  2. Corazon SALCEDO PHI 1:41:02
  3. Analyn LONJAWON PHI 1:41:15

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Milo Marathon Manila 21K 2012 Results

Dec 9, 2012. David Kipsang with 1:12:23 and Jackline Nzivo with 1:26:48 were the winners of the men’s and women’s titles.


  1. David Kipsang 1:12:23
  2. Rafael Poliquit 1:12:58
  3. Denis Isika 1:13:43

  1. Jackline Nzivo 1:26:48
  2. Nhea Ann Barcena 1:30:55
  3. Lumidao Janet 1:33:28

Milo Marathon Manila 21K 2011 Results

Christopher Magbitang won the race in the men’s section with 54:12 and Cassey Anne Pelayo who clocked 01:07:23 was the female winner.


  1. Christopher Magbitang 00:54:12
  2. Gil Andre Aquino 00:58:19
  3. George Co 01:04:01
  4. Roberto A. Fontiveros 01:04:44
  5. Francis Beating 01:08:27

  1. Cassey Anne Pelayo 01:07:23
  2. Jonalyn Feliciano 01:08:06
  3. Teresita Abesamis 01:09:54
  4. Raiza Melissa Maniscan 01:23:20
  5. Rhiamar Carpio 01:30:17

Results for all participants are available on the official Milo Marathon Manila 21K results page (search by year).

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