Miami Marathon Results

Recent results from Miami Marathon (formerly ING Miami Marathon) for elite runners are published below. The Miami Marathon is an annual sporting event hosted by the cities of Miami and Miami Beach, Florida, as well as the county of Miami-Dade. The Miami Marathon has been one of the fastest-growing annual marathons, attracting world-class distance runners.

Miami Marathon 2015 Results

Jan 24, 2015. Luis Carlos Rivero Gonzalez won the Miami Marathon in 2 hours 20 minutes 47 seconds. Women’s race was won by Alemnesh Eshetu Habtemikael in 02:39:31.


  1. Luis Carlos Rivero Gonzalez 02:20:47
  2. Benazzouz Slimani 02:22:45
  3. Elvin Cu 02:23:51
  4. Albert Grazi 02:24:11
  5. Michael Wardian 02:27:24

  1. Alemnesh Eshetu Habtemikael 02:39:31
  2. Maria De Los Angeles Peralta 02:39:33
  3. ERIKA HUERTA 02:55:26
  4. Elena Barberis 02:57:33
  5. Diana Fernandez Baltodano 02:59:55

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Miami Marathon 2014 Results

Feb 2, 2014. Samuel Malakwen won his second Miami Marathon in 2 hours 19 minutes 46 seconds for the $2,000 prize. Women’s defending champion Mariska Kramer Postma, 39, of the Netherlands, also won $2,000 in capturing her second consecutive Miami title in 2:49:27.


  1. Samuel Malakwen 2:19:46
  2. Julius Choge 2:21:42
  3. Luis Rivero Gonzalez 2:30:10
  4. Anders Fransson 2:34:10
  5. Mario Santizo Lara 2:35:38

  1. Mariska Kramer 2:49:27
  2. Elina Junnila 3:00:32
  3. Bertine Laine 3:09:39
  4. Veronica Correale 3:10:55
  5. Paola Fierro 3:10:57

ING Miami Marathon 2013 Results

Jan 27, 2013.  Running his first marathon, Luis Rivero Gonzalez of Guatemala has won the Miami Marathon. Rivero, a professional runner for more than two years, had a time of 2:26:14 in Sunday’s event, which drew 25,000 runners. women’s title in 2:46:07. Tezata Dengersa of Ethiopia was second in 2:48:43.


  1. Luis Rivero Gonzalez 2:26:14
  2. David Tuwei 2:28:15
  3. Tesfaye Girma Bekele 2:28:21
  4. Girma Assefa Gudeta 2:28:37
  5. Alberico Di Cecco 2:28:40

  1. Mariska Kramer 2:46:07
  2. Tezata Dengeresa 2:48:43
  3. Kir Selert 2:57:31
  4. Alyson Venti 2:58:32
  5. Ngela Brito 2:59:16

Results for all participants are available on the official Miami Marathon results page (search by year).

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Peter Friis

Dear Organizing committee

What a great and beatiful race. I love to return again for this challenging but so exciting race. I had an accident with my medalj 2 days later. It dropped and fell into parts – Could it be possible to receive a replacement in order to maintain great memories for the rest of my life. I would gladly pay any costs occuring.

Peter Friis
Urheilukalastajankuja 2 B 16

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