Medio Maraton Internacional De Puebla Results

Recent results from the Medio Maraton Internacional De Puebla are published below. Medio Maraton Internacional De Puebla is an annual event which takes place through the streets of the city of Puebla, Mexico.The 21 km road will run through Zavaleta, the Cholula straight direction until runners reach the eight north and return by the same route through Great Bear Boulevard to the Child Poblano.

Medio Maraton Internacional De Puebla 2013 Results

Nov 24, 2013. Results awaited.

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Medio Maraton Internacional De Puebla 2012 Results

Dec 2, 2012. Antonio Trinidad of Mexico was the first man at the finish with 1:13:50 and Arilí Xicoténcatl also from Mexico won the women’s title in 1:22:57.


  1. Antonio TRINIDAD MEX 1:13:50
  2. Urbano OSORIO MEX 1:14:14
  3. Emmanuel CASTILLO MEX 1:14:55

  1. Arilí Xicoténcatl CHAVEZ MEX 1:22:57
  2. Itzel Martínez IBANEZ MEX 1:29:33
  3. María Belén Godínez PEREZ MEX 1:36:03

Medio Maraton Internacional De Puebla 2011 Results

Pedro Espinosa Perez won the men’s section with 1:11:55 and Arilu Xicotencatl Chavez won the female’s section with 1:28:52.


  1. Pedro Espinosa Perez 1:11:55
  2. Francisco Bautizta Cuamatzi 1:11:57
  3. Omar Xicale Coyopotl 1:12:37
  4. Enrique Aquino 1:13:15
  5. John Daniel Esquivel 1:14:25

  1. Arilu Xicotencatl Chavez 1:28:52
  2. Thania Lopez Flores 1:32:02
  3. Myrna Pacheco Rodriguez 1:32:31
  4. Rhina Ortiz Osterroth 1:37:24
  5. Alina Jancho 1:38:51

Results for all participants are available on the official Medio Maraton Internacional De Puebla website.

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