Medio Maraton Guadalajara Results

January 22, 2012

Recent results from Medio Maraton Guadalajara for elite runners are published below. Medio Maraton Guadalajara is a half marathon held in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico in the month of February. The route will run through the main streets and avenues of the Guadalajara city.

Medio Maraton Guadalajara 2014 Results

Feb 17, 2014. Results awaited.

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Medio Maraton Guadalajara 2013 Results

Feb, 2013. Julius Kipyego KETER of Kenya won the race in the men’s section with 1:03:44 and Marisol Romero ROSALES also from Mexico won the women’s title in 1:12:18.


  1. Julius Kipyego KETER KEN 1:03:44
  2. Juan Luis Barrios NIEVES MEX 1:03:48
  3. Shadrack Kipkorir KIYAI KEN 1:04:10
  4. Isaack Kemboi KIMAIYO KEN 1:05:25
  5. Leonardo Trejo CAMARGO MEX 1:05:28

  1. Marisol Romero ROSALES MEX 1:12:18
  2. Grace Wambui NGANGA KEN 1:13:41
  3. Madai PEREZ MEX 1:14:06
  4. Risper GESEBWA KEN 1:14:14
  5. Mayra Sanchez VIDAL MEX 1:14:47

Medio Maraton Guadalajara 2012 Results

Feb 19, 2012. Julius Kipyego KETER of Kenya won the race in the men’s section with 1:02:59 and Genoveva JELEGAT also from Kenya won the women’s title in 1:13:16.


  1. Julius Kipyego KETER KEN 1:02:59
  2. Shadrack Kipkorir KIYAI KEN 1:04:20
  3. Stephen Mburi NJOROGE KEN 1:04:38
  4. Cosmas Kiplimo LETTING KEN 1:04:58
  5. Ismael Andrade VAZQUEZ KEN 1:05:02

  1. Genoveva JELEGAT KEN 1:13:16
  2. Margarita Hernandez FLORES MEX 1:15:41
  3. Karina Perez DELGADO MEX 1:16:20
  4. Gladys Mokobi ONWONGA KEN 1:16:41
  5. Dorcas Jeruto KANGOGO KEN 1:16:59

Results for all participants are available on the official Medio Maraton Guadalajara results page.

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