Maraton Internacional Tangamanga Results

Maraton Internacional Tangamanga

Recent results from Maraton Internacional Tangamanga for elite runners are published below. Maraton Internacional Tangamanga is hosted by a city of more than 400 years of history, San Luis Potosi in Mexico. The event takes the runners for scenic tour full of culture. The course is through the Latin America’s largest park, the Tangamanga Park.

Maraton Internacional Tangamanga 2013 Results

Jun 23, 2013. Abraham Vargas was the winner in the men’s race with a time of 2:28:04. Emma Maldonado clocked 3:08:23 to win the women’s race.


  1. Abraham Vargas QUIJAS MEX 2:28:04
  2. Edward KORIR KEN 2:30:37
  3. Tomas Copca FERREIRA MEX 2:32:56
  4. Luis Jesus Perez MEDINA MEX 2:39:58
  5. Ruben Trevino LOZANO MEX 2:42:38

  1. Emma MALDONADO MEX 3:08:23
  2. Maria Luisa Sanchez BUENROSTRO MEX 3:13:54
  3. Sara Eliz. Sanchez CEDILLO MEX 3:19:23
  4. Candida Gachuz PEREZ MEX 3:22:05
  5. Maribel Sanchez PERDOMO MEX 3:33:09

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Maraton Internacional Tangamanga 2012 Results

Jun 24, 2012. Rafael Palacios was the topper in the men’s race with 2:35:26 and Emma Maldonado won the women’s race with 2:59:41.


  1. Rafael Palacios LUNA MEX 2:35:26
  2. Javier Moreno VELAZQUEZ MEX 2:40:02
  3. Luis Jimenez VAZQUEZ MEX 2:44:50
  4. Miguel Angel Rodriguez ALVAREZ MEX 2:53:58
  5. Jesus Rios DIAZ MEX 2:55:17

  1. Emma Maldonado CARMONA MEX 2:59:41
  2. Candida Perez GACHUZ MEX 3:14:49
  3. Maribel Sanchez PERDOMO MEX 3:36:54
  4. Estela ARAUJO GUA 3:41:57
  5. Silvia Arzeta SARABIA MEX 3:43:31

Maraton Internacional Tangamanga 2011 Results

Marco T Flores broke the tape at 2:25:45 to win the race in the men’s category and Emma Maldonado clocked 3:01:33 to win the women’s title.


  1. Marco T Flores PARTIDA MEX 2:25:45
  2. Luis Jimenez VASQUEZ MEX 2:35:03
  3. Hector Cesar Martinez RAMIREZ MEX 2:35:11
  4. Carlos Eduardo Colorado MORAN MEX 2:44:40
  5. Victor M Mu ESCALANTE MEX 2:46:53

  1. Emma Maldonado CARMONA MEX 3:01:33
  2. Candida Gachuz PEREZ MEX 3:14:21
  3. Lourdes Jimenez VAASQUEZ MEX 3:18:34
  4. Gloria Herrera ITURBIDE MEX 3:46:20
  5. Adriana Medrano SITAL MEX 3:47:09

Results for all participants are available on the official Maraton Internacional Tangamanga results page (search by year).

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