Maratón Powerade Monterrey Results

Recent results from Maratón Powerade Monterrey for elite runners are published below. Monterrey Marathon takes place in Monterrey, México. This is an event of integration of the Monterrey community health, sport and those who are part of financial life and business.

Maratón Powerade Monterrey 2013 Results

Dec 8, 2013. Jesus Capula won the title in the men’s race with 2:31:48 and Yabeth Rocha won the women’s title with 3:06:04.


  1. Jesus CAPULA MEX 2:31:48
  2. Alejandro OSUNA MEX 2:38:45
  3. Jose TORRES MEX 2:41:05
  4. Roberto RODRIGUEZ MEX 2:41:10
  5. Abraham ARTEAGA MEX 2:43:33

  1. Yabeth ROCHA MEX 3:06:04
  2. Esmeralda Pulido GUERRERA MEX 3:07:05
  3. Maria Luisa SANCHEZ MEX 3:07:43
  4. Marisol FRANCO MEX 3:08:35
  5. Perla Janeth REQUENES MEX 3:15:47

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Maratón Powerade Monterrey 2012 Results

Dec 9, 2012. Abraham Arteaga won the race in the men’s division with a time of 2:25:11 and Maria Luisa Sanchez ran the course in 3:09:01 to win the women’s title.


  1. Abraham Arteaga GARCIA MEX 2:25:11
  2. Jesus Capula TORRE MEX 2:35:39
  3. Juan Daniel Guerrero RANGEL MEX 2:38:46

  1. Maria Luisa Sanchez BUENROSTRO MEX 3:09:01
  2. Esmeralda Pulido GUERRA MEX 3:12:14
  3. Yessica Guajardo LOPEZ MEX 3:12:30

Maratón Powerade Monterrey 2011 Results

Dec 11, 2011. Luis Jimenez VAZQUEZ (2:26:51) and Esmeralda Pulido GUERRA (3:11:41) were the winners of the race in the men’s and women’s category resoectively.


  1. Luis Jimenez VAZQUEZ MEX 2:26:51
  2. Marco Tardelly Flores PARTIDA MEX 2:28:22
  3. Evaristo Alfredo MOCTEZUMA MEX 2:31:37
  4. Raul Barcenas HERNANDEZ MEX 2:33:32
  5. Jaime Arguelles DELAFUENTE MEX 2:38:04

  1. Esmeralda Pulido GUERRA MEX 3:11:41
  2. Eryka Nohemi Vargas OBREGON MEX 3:13:23
  3. Nancy Leticia Cerda CISNEROS MEX 3:22:41
  4. Lorena Montoya PEREZ MEX 3:25:42
  5. Perla Janet Perales CAZARES MEX 3:27:20

Results for all participants are available on the official Maratón Powerade Monterrey results page (search by year).

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