Maraton De Santiago Results

March 12, 2012

buy now cialis cialis india price directory viagra pfizer online australia buy cialis original description Recent results from the Maraton De Santiago are published below. Maraton De Santiago takes place in Chile, Santiago. It is Chile’s largest national sports event. The event includes marathon, half marathon and 10k races.

Maraton De Santiago 2014 Results

Apr 6, 2014. Winner of Santiago Marathon was Beraki BEYENE (2:11:50). In the women’s race, winner was Emily CHEPKORIR (2:35:16).


  1. Beraki BEYENE ETH 2:11:50
  2. Simoin KARIUKI KEN 2:12:11
  3. Julius KARINGA KEN 2:13:38
  4. Michael CHEGE KEN 2:15:21
  5. Julius KETER KEN 2:15:52

  1. Emily CHEPKORIR KEN 2:35:16
  2. Shewarge ALENE ETH 2:35:30
  3. Lucy KARIMI KEN 2:35:39
  4. Erika OLIVEIRA CHI 2:36:08
  5. Carmen MARTINEZ CHI 2:38:05

Photos / Videos

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Maraton De Santiago 2013 Results

Apr 7, 2013. In ladies, Jacqueline Kiplimo beat Peruvian favorite to win with a time of 2:30 ’52”, setting a new record for the women’s. The men’s race was won by Julius Keter of Kenya, who also set a course record with his time of 2:11:43.


  1. Julius KETER KEN 2:11:44
  2. Bado WORKU ETH 2:14:33
  3. Ahmed NASSET MAR 2:14:38
  4. Cyprian MWOBI KEN 2:15:10
  5. Debesay TSIGE ERI 2:16:00

  1. Jacqueline KIPLIMO KEN 2:30:50
  2. Gladys TEJEDA PER 2:31:48
  3. Ines MELCHOR PER 2:32:11
  4. Shewarge AMARE ETH 2:35:43
  5. Erika ABRIL COL 2:36:15

Maraton De Santiago 2012 Results

Apr 1, 2012. Winner of Santiago Marathon was Kenyan Peter Lemayian (02:12:42). In the women’s race, winner was Chilean Natalia Romero (02:34:57) – her time guaranteed her a place at the London Marathon at the Olympics.


  1. Peter Lemayian NKAYA KEN 2:12:52
  2. Miguel Angel ALMACHI ECU 2:15:02
  3. Benjamin KIPLIMO KEN 2:15:28
  4. Edson Amaro DOS SANTOS BRA 2:16:20
  5. Julius Kibet KOSKEI KEN 2:17:30

  1. Natalia ROMERO CHI 2:34:55
  2. Erika ABRIL COL 2:36:09
  3. Naomi JEPNGETICH KEN 2:36:55
  4. Erika Alejandra OLIVERA CHI 2:37:41
  5. Hyvon NGETICH KEN 2:43:48

Results for all participants are available on the official Maraton De Santiago Results page. generic indian cialis order cialis from mexico cialis with prescription cost experienced cialis generic acheter

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Albert Burgess April 9, 2013 at 6:07 am

Adidas cheated me. I ran the Santiago Marathon yesterday and bought an official T shirt from the Adidas booth. I paid 100,000 pesos, I have the receipt, for my T shirt. T shirt was in a sealed bag and has 2012 on the shirt. Not 2013. They are dishonest and KNEW they were selling bad merchandise. I want my money back. I flew from Waco, Texas USA to do this race.


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