Maraton Internacional De Puebla Results

Recent results from the Maraton Internacional De Puebla are published below. Maraton Internacional De Puebla is an annual event which takes place through the streets of the city of Puebla, Mexico. This sporting event includes races of five, ten, 21 and 42 kilometers. All tours begin and end at the Art Park against Poblano Children’s Hospital.

Maraton Internacional De Puebla 2013 Results

Nov 24, 2013. Pedro ESPINOZA  finished the course in a time of 2:26:54 to win the race in the men’s section and Claudia JUAREZ also from Kenya clocked 2:56:09 to win the women’s title.


  1. Pedro ESPINOZA MEX 2:26:54
  2. Ranulfo SANCHEZ MEX 2:29:58
  3. Ariel AGUIRRE MEX 2:30:39
  4. Remigio CARERA MEX 2:37:34
  5. Vicente ROMERO MEX 2:40:26

  1. Claudia JUAREZ MEX 2:56:09
  2. Emma MALDONADO MEX 3:04:50
  3. Sara CEDILLO MEX 3:08:20
  4. Claudia ELIOZA MEX 3:08:51
  5. Anahi RIVERA MEX 3:17:54

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Maraton Internacional De Puebla 2012 Results

Dec 2, 2012. Kenyan runner Stephen Kibet finished the course in a time of 2:31:11 to win the race in the men’s section and Monicah Gesare also from Kenya clocked 2:49:13 to win the women’s title.


  1. Stephen Kibet TANUI KEN 2:31:11
  2. Philip Kibitok METTO KEN 2:31:11
  3. Joshua Kipkosgei BUSIENI KEN 2:33:33
  4. Rufino Santos PEREZ MEX 2:44:16
  5. Fernando Pérez FLORES MEX 2:48:30

  1. Monicah Gesare OTWORI KEN 2:49:13
  2. Judy Jesire KIMUGE KEN 2:55:48
  3. Rocío Cano POTRERO MEX 3:14:16
  4. Angélica Cortero ESQUINA MEX 3:16:45
  5. Lucia Gutiérrez HERNANDEZ MEX 3:31:46

Maraton Internacional De Puebla 2011 Results

Isaac Kemboi was the topper in the men’s section with 2:19:41 and Genoveva JELEGAT was the topper in the female’s section with 2:45:07.


  1. Isaac Kemboi KIMAIYO 2:19:41
  2. Christopher KIPYEGO 2:23:40
  3. Jaime Portillo ROMERO 2:26:15
  4. Cesar Calixto JIMENEZ 2:38:07
  5. Rufino Santos PEREZ 2:40:31

  1. Genoveva JELEGAT 2:45:07
  2. Guadalupe Aguila TEXIS 3:35:29
  3. Maura Rodriguez GONZALEZ 3:42:28
  4. Lucia Gutierrez HERNANDEZ 3:43:05
  5. Norma Angelica Leon ORDUNA 3:45:27

Results for all participants are available on the official Maraton Internacional De Puebla website.

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