Maraton Internacional De Culiacán Results

Maraton Internacional De Culiacán Results

Recent results from the Maraton Internacional De Culiacán are published below. Maraton Internacional De Culiacán takes place in the city of Culiacan, Sinaloa. It is governed by Mexican Federation of Athletics. The is held in the municipality of Culiacán. Culiacán Marathon is a marathon “for cause”, all the proceeds will be donated to GANAC.

Maraton Internacional De Culiacán 2014 Results

Jan 26, 2014. Results awaited.

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Maraton Internacional De Culiacán 2013 Results

Jan 20, 2013. Philip Tarus was the over all winner of the race with 2:26:22. Inthe women’s division Irene Vasquez ran the course in a time of 2:53:12.


  1. Philip TARUS KEN 2:26:22
  2. Edgard KIPTUM KEN 2:27:34
  3. Abel Garcia ARAMBURO MEX 2:29:32
  4. John Karobia KANYIRI KEN 2:32:13
  5. Roman Garcia RUIZ MEX 2:35:47

  1. Irene Vasquez LOPEZ MEX 2:53:12
  2. Agnes Jepchumba CHELEGAT KEN 2:54:12
  3. Emma Maldonado CARMONA MEX 2:55:30
  4. Sugey Perez CORONA MEX 3:25:06
  5. Maria Elena Carrera GARCIA MEX 3:29:28

Maraton Internacional De Culiacán 2012 Results

Jan 22, 2012. Benjamin Kiplimo from Kenya won the men’s race in 2:15:40 time, while the women’s  race was won by Liliana Cruz in 2:50:14 time.


  1. Benjamin Kiplimo METO KEN 2:15:40
  2. Jynocel Basweti ONYAMELIA KEN 2:16:58
  4. Chrisotpher KIPYEGO KEN 2:19:43
  5. Abel Garcia ARAMBURO MEX 2:28:21

  1. Liliana Cruz VALDEZ MEX 2:50:14
  2. Sandra Ortiz TALONIA MEX 3:01:40
  3. Margarita Huerta RAMIREZ MEX 3:02:19
  4. Sandra Carillo SOSA MEX 3:09:22
  5. Maria Rodriguez FONSECA MEX 3:16:37

Results for all participants are available on the official Maraton Internacional De Culiacán results page.

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