Marathon Des Alpes Maritimes Results

Recent results from Marathon Des Alpes Maritimes for elite runners are published below. Marathon Des Alpes Maritimes, also known as the French Riviera Marathon takes place on part of the coast of the Alpes-Maritimes , between Nice and Cannes. Started in 2008, it is considered the second race in the number of French participants behind the Paris Marathon.

Marathon Des Alpes Maritimes 2013 Results

Nov 10, 2013. First to cross the finish line on the Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes were Ethiopia’s Abdisa Sori among the men and Salina Jebet for the women. For Sori the battle lasted the entire 42195m as countryman Edeo Telo finished within the same second. Jebet, the race favourite, won by a minute.


  1. Abdisa SORI ETH 2:13:58
  2. Edeo TELO ETH 2:13:58
  3. Wosen ZELEKE ETH 2:14:13
  4. Titus KURGAT KEN 2:16:00
  5. Hadera ASAY ETH 2:18:01

  1. Salina JEBET KEN 2:41:34
  2. Genet TEKA ETH 2:42:32
  3. Gladys KWAMBAI KEN 2:44:12
  4. Immaculate CHEMUTAI KEN 2:48:48
  5. Matilda JEPCHIRCHIR KEN 2:53:13

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Marathon Des Alpes Maritimes 2012 Results

Nov 4, 2012. The Marathon des Alpes Maritimes Nice-Cannes in the south of France was won by Eliud Magut (KEN) in 2:10:32 and Ethiopia’s Aregu Lechisa (2:31:57).


  1. Eliud MAGUT KEN 2:10:32
  2. William BIAMA KEN 2:10:37
  3. Katui KIPKEMOI KEN 2:13:14
  4. Eliud KIPLAGAT KEN 2:13:40
  5. Gezahagne ABERA ETH 2:15:01

  1. Aregu LECHISA ETH 2:31:57
  2. Emily ROTICH KEN 2:32:56
  3. Ayantu DAKEBO ETH 2:35:45
  4. Aline CAMBOULIVES FRA 2:38:49
  5. Tirulem BEKELE ETH 2:39:19

Marathon Des Alpes Maritimes 2011 Results

Nov 20, 2011. Lucas KANDA of Kenya was the topper in the men’s race with 2:08:40 and Te Ame SHUMYE of Ethiopia was the winner of the women’s section clocking 2:30:53.


  1. Lucas KANDA KEN 2:08:40
  2. Hailu SHUME ETH 2:09:06
  3. Moses KURGAT KEN 2:09:30
  4. Lema FEYISA ETH 2:09:54
  5. Mehari BARAKI 2:10:35

  1. Te Ame SHUMYE ETH 2:30:53
  2. Aberash Tesfaye TOLLA ETH 2:37:13
  3. Aline CAMBOULEVES FRA 2:38:42
  4. Volha REZKAYA RUS 2:43:27
  5. Celine CORMERAIS FRA 2:51:23

Results for all participants are available on the official Marathon Des Alpes Maritimes results page (search by year).

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