Marathon De La Rochelle

November 5, 2011

La Rochelle Marathon is the second marathon of France by the number of participants, after the Paris Marathon. It is held in La Rochelle, France every November. Since its inception in 1991, La Rochelle Marathon has continued to attract more people. The race is meant to be popular, friendly and festive.

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Nov 29, 2015


La Rochelle, France

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The entry fees is 40€ for early registrations. To participate in Marathon De La Rochelle you can register in the official website.

Course / Route Map

The marathon has a twin start to allow the runners to reach the start line more quickly and easily. The two packs (6 500 runners from quai Maubec start and 3 500 from quai Louis Prunier start) will join after 3,3 km. La Rochelle is a city of the seaside, therefore relatively punt. However altitude can raise a little bit. It’s a flat course in downtown, crossing the park, which drives the circuit into two loops, allowing viewers to see the athletes go several times.

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Fasika metaferiya zene e April 24, 2015 at 1:57 pm

Hello dear sir madam
In 2014 I was participate in this even and I am second position winner so I want participate in 2015 program. Can you send me invitation when the event near come please? Thanks a lot.


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