Living History Farms Race

November 17, 2011

cialis with prescription cost cialis price at cvs viagra tablets sale visit this site The Living History Farms race celebrates your running with a Hot Post Race Meal brought to you by the Iowa Beef Industry Council and the Iowa Machine Shed Restaurant. The 7-Mile Race is limited to 7500 runners starts adjacent to the Visitor’s Center. It’s a great way to end the racing season and experience running stories to relive throughout the winter. Stay for the “Outdoors in November” post race lunch, door prizes and awards ceremony.


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Race Date

Nov 21, 2015


Urbandale, Iowa, USA

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Race Registration

To participate in Living History Farms Race you can register in the official website. Early bird registration fees is $ 45.

Course / Route Map

The Race is 7-Mile long which starts adjacent to the Visitor’s Center. You will be challenged by the world’s richest farm land as you wade through creeks, avoid farm animals and claw your way to the top of gullies with over 7,500 other runners. There will also be a bike race over the same course taking place.

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