Little Rock Half Marathon Results

Little Rock Marathon 10K Results

Recent results from the Little Rock Half Marathon for elite runners are published below.  The Little Rock Half Marathon is an annual Half marathon held in Little Rock, Arkansas. The event is intended to encourage better health and fitness and to raise funds for Little Rock Parks & Recreation. The Little Rock Marathon is conducted on a USATF certified course and is a Boston Qualifier.

Little Rock Half Marathon 2013 Results

Mar 3, 2013. Josphat Boit finished first in the Men,s Division of Little Rock Half Marathon event with a time of 1:08:53. In the women’s division, Jennifer Harpel finished first with a time of 1:26:54.


  1. Josphat Boit 1:08:53
  2. Arturs Bareikis 1:09:14
  3. Max Paquette 1:10:39
  4. John Flor 1:11:32
  5. Jonathan Pillow 1:12:21

  1. Jennifer Harpel 1:26:54
  2. Pauline Allen 1:27:50
  3. Jill Czarnik 1:29:49
  4. Whitney Kerth 1:30:15
  5. Betsy Meacham 1:31:51

Photos / Videos

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Little Rock Half Marathon 2012 Results

Mar 3-4, 2012. Carlos Cordero from Mexico City finished the Little Rock Half Marathon in 1:06:05 to win the ninth annual event. His time is the second-fastest in the history of the Little Rock Maratthon. Julie Ralston is the female winner of the Little Rock Marathon, Half Marathon with a time of 1:22:55.


  1. Carlos Cordero 1:06:05
  2. Daniel Kirwa 1:08:18
  3. Karl Gilpin 1:10:17
  4. Arturs Bareikis 1:12:06
  5. Jason Bumb 1:12:21

  1. Julie Ralston 1:22:55
  2. Vivien Miller 1:26:25
  3. Erica Viger 1:27:02
  4. Emily Myers 1:27:52
  5. Whitney Kerth 1:28:27

Little Rock Half Marathon 2011 Results

Ezkyas Sisay, 22, of Flagstaff, Ariz. finished first in the Men,s Division of Little Rock Half Marathon event with a time of 1:09:39. Sisay is a native of Ethiopia. In the women’s division, Heather McWhirter, 33, of Glenwood, New York, finished first with a time of 1:19:56.


  1. Ezkyas Sisay 1:09:39
  2. Josphat Boit 1:09:42
  3. Jacob Johnson 1:10:09
  4. Bryan Glass 1:10:11
  5. Gabriel Ghioca 1:13:01

  1. Heather Mcwhirter 1:19:51
  2. Lucie Sulewski 1:21:03
  3. Terri Rejimbal 1:24:30
  4. Lauren Merritt 1:26:02
  5. Emily Myers 1:26:27

Results for all participants are available on the official Little Rock Half Marathon results page (search by year).

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