Lisbon Half Marathon Results

Lisbon Half Marathon Results

Recent results from Lisbon Half Marathon (Meia Maratona De Lisboa) for elite runners are published below. Lisbon Half Marathon is an annual international half marathon race which takes place every March in Lisbon, Portugal. The race has been awarded the IAAF Gold Label Road Race status. This race in 2010 created history in the form of a new world record set by Zersenay Tadese with a time of 58:23.

Lisbon Half Marathon 2013 Results

Mar 24, 2013. Bernard Koech emphatically confirmed his status as men’s race favourite, leading from early on and setting a very fast pace. One by one his rivals dropped behind until at halfway only Peter Some and Abera Kuma remained. In the next 5km he pulled away to lead by 26 seconds. In the elite women’s race Kiplagat, sheltering behind the diminutive Kipkoech, left it to the last two kilometres to show her strength.


  1. Bernard KOECH KEN 59:54
  2. Peter SOME KEN 1:00:21
  3. Abera KUMA ETH 1:01:09
  4. Bernard KITUR KEN 1:01:48
  5. Richard MENGICH KEN 1:01:56

  1. Edna KIPLAGAT KEN 1:08:48
  2. Eunice KIRWA KEN 1:08:59
  3. Pasalia Chepkorir KIPKOECH KEN 1:09:21
  4. Sylvia KIBET KEN 1:10:41
  5. Dulce FELIX POR 1:10:44

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Lisbon Half Marathon 2012 Results

Mar 25, 2012. The Eritrean athlete Zerzenay Tadese today for the third consecutive time won the Lisbon Half Marathon, but failed in the attempt to set a new world record.


  1. Zerzenay Tadese (Eritrea), 59.34
  2. John Mwangangi (Kenya), 1:00:44
  3. Lucas Rotich (Kenya), 1:01:00
  4. Rui Silva (Portugal), 1:02:40
  5. Gilbert Masai (Kenya), 1:02:40

  1. Shalane Flanagan (Est. U.S.), 1:08:52
  2. Diana Chepkemoi (Kenya), 1:09:08
  3. Margaret Muriuki (Kenya), 1:09:21
  4. Peninah Arusei (Kenya), 1:10:24
  5. Jelena Prokopcuka (Latvia), 1:10:37

Lisbon Half Marathon 2011 Results

Mar 20, 2011. Zersenay Tadese clocked a sizzling 58:30 at the EDP Lisbon Half Marathon, in what was the second fastest Half Marathon ever.


  1. Zersenay Tadesse (ERI) 58.30
  2. John Nzau Mwangangi (KEN) 1.00.30
  3. Silas Sang (KEN) 1.00.38
  4. Robert Kipchumba Kipkorir (KEN) 1.00.43
  5. Mike Kigen (KEN) 1.00.49

  1. Aberu Kebede (ETH) 1.08.28
  2. Ana Dulce Felix (POR) 1.08.33
  3. Grace Momanyi (KEN) 1.08.41
  4. Pauline Njeri (KEN) 1.08.55
  5. Ines Chenonge (KEN) 1.09.08

Results for all participants are available on the official Lisbon Half Marathon results page.

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