Lanzhou International Marathon Results

Lanzhou International Marathon Results

Recent results from Lanzhou International Marathon for elite runners are published below. Lanzhou International Marathon takes place in Dongfanghong Square in Lanzhou. It is a unique race run alongside China’s Mother River, the Yellow River — resonates with the theme of “Perpetual Pace” and the Marathon spirit.

Lanzhou International Marathon 2014 Results

Gilbert CHEPKWONY took home the top honors in the men’s race with 2:14:18 and in the women’s section Eunice JEPKIRUI clocked 2:31:53 to reach the finish line.


  1. Gilbert CHEPKWONY KEN 2:14:18
  2. William CHEBOR KEN 2:14:35
  3. Sahle WARGA ETH 2:15:25
  4. Tariku JUFAR ETH 2:17:22
  5. Gezahegn GIRMA ETH 2:18:09

  1. Eunice JEPKIRUI KEN 2:31:53
  2. Atsede BAYSA ETH 2:37:55
  3. Meskerem ASSEFA ETH 2:37:57
  4. Alem MOKONNIN ETH 2:38:10
  5. Ednah MUKWANAH KEN 2:39:16

Photos / Videos

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Lanzhou International Marathon 2013 Results

Jun 15, 2013. Solomon Tsige ASFAW took home the top honors in the men’s race with 2:15:40 and in the women’s section Ashu KASIM clocked 2:43:44 to reach the finish line.

MenSolomon Tsige ASFAW ETH 2:15:40
Dereje Abera Ali ETH 2:15:43
Oleksandr SITOVSKIY UKR 2:16:00
Siraj Gena AMDA ETH 2:16:57
Luka Kipkemoi CHELIMO KEN 2:17:18
WomenAshu KASIM ETH 2:43:44
Shitaye GEMECHU ETH 2:44:12
Wenrong ZHENG CHN 2:44:19
Tsegereda GIRMA ETH 2:44:38
Jane Jerono ROTICH KEN 2:45:03

Lanzhou International Marathon 2012 Results

Jun 10, 2012. Not Available.

Results for all participants are available on the official Lanzhou International Marathon results page (search by year).

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