Lady Track Shack 5K Results

Lady Track Shack 5K Results

Recent results from the Lady Track Shack 5K are published below. The Lady Track Shack 5K is a one-of-a-kind event set in the beautiful and lush surroundings of Mead Garden in Winter Park, FL. Community leaders, mothers and daughters, sisters and friends take part in this event to celebrate women’s health and fitness.

Lady Track Shack 5K 2014 Results

Feb 1, 2014.  Lisa Bentlet won the race in 18:08 time. Heather Schulz (18:36) came second.


  1. Lisa Bentley 18:08
  2. Heather Schulz 18:36
  3. Rafaella Gibbons 18:39
  4. Amy Ertel 19:11
  5. Kaley Schmick 20:42

Photos / Videos

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Lady Track Shack 5K 2013 Results

Feb 2, 2013. Lisa Bentley (18:29) won the 5K race  followed by Heather Schulz (18:50 ).


  1. Lisa Bentley 18:29 
  2. Heather Schulz 18:50 
  3. Michelle Nunez 19:08 
  4. Kaitlyn Campo 19:23
  5. Rafaella Gibbons 19:36 

Lady Track Shack 5K 2012 Results

Feb 4, 2012. Heather Schulz (18:26) who came second in2010, won the 5K race  followed by Michelle Nunez (18:46).


  1. Heather Schulz 18:26
  2. Michelle Nunez 18:46
  3. Kaitlyn Campo 19:32
  4. Kerry Girona 19:39
  5. Theresa Fennessy 20:24

Results for all participants are available on the official Lady Track Shack 5K results page.

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