Kinmen Marathon

Kinmen Marathon hosted by the Kinmen County Government takes place at National Kinmen University, Jing-nin Township, Kinmen County, Chinese Taipei. The race features Cross-Strait interactions and with the purpose of promoting the sports cultural communication and interaction between both sides of the Taiwan Strait. The Kinmen Marathon was first held in 2008. In 2008 and 2009, it was held on the same day with the Xiamen International Marathon. The marathon and half marathon are capped at 800 and 1700 runners.

Race Date
Jan 18, 2015
Race Location
Kinmen, Taipei, China
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Race Registration

The entry fees is 700 Yuan for the marathon. To participate in Kinmen Marathon you can register in the official website.

Course / Route Map

The marathon starts and ends at Golden Gate National University. The route is: Golden Gate National University (start)> turn left around the island Road, Sec> Citizens Road, turn right> turn right to light the road> Tzuhu Road (King Ning bike path)> right Ning Wu> top of Forest Road, turn right> left Joan Road> straight My Love I returned to the village> North Road roundabout turn right> turn right High Rd> turn right onto East Road roundabout> turn right over three routes of> Lake Rd turn right> left Boyu Road five sections> Boyu Rd> turn right Lin Wu> North Island section of right> left Golden Gate National University (end)

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One thought on “Kinmen Marathon

Susan Hera

I live in shanghai China, I am Canadian and have lived in China for almost 10 years , I am interested in joining the Marathon in November along with about 20 other staff members. Please let me know how to registrar, Thank you

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