John Colter Half Marathon Results

John Colter Half Marathon

Recent results from John Colter Half Marathon for elite runners are published below. The John Colter Run is a Teton Valley community running event that started in 1976. Always scheduled for the first Saturday in August, the courses start and finish in Driggs City Park in the city of Driggs, Idaho, USA.

John Colter Half Marathon 2013 Results

Aug 3, 2013. Patryk Gierjatowicz broke the tape at 1:14:04 to win the half marathon. In the women’s section Sylvia Doyle was the winner with 1:39:03.


  1. Patryk Gierjatowicz 01:14:04
  2. Forlian Vazquez 01:31:34
  3. Brandon Jones 01:34:59
Sylvia Doyle 01:39:03
Hannah Meier 01:39:03
Jocelyn Allen 01:44:38

Photos / Videos

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John Colter Half Marathon 2012 Results

Patry Gierjatowicz broke the tape at 1:17:22 to win the overall title in the half marathon. Amsng the women participants Alyssa Larsen was the topper with 1:35:02.


  1. Patry Gierjatowicz 1:17:22
  2. David Page 1:30:59
  3. Joey Gutjahr 1:31:41
  4. Froilan Perez Vazquez 1:33:49
  5. Michael Evans 1:35:01

  1. Alyssa Larsen 1:35:02
  2. Rebecca Page 1:47:49
  3. Elissa Lilly 1:48:12
  4. Cheryl Huntsman 1:50:35
  5. Alyson Heller 1:52:10

John Colter Half Marathon 2011 Results

Patrick Bragassa won the men’s title in a time of 1:17:14 and Sheralyn Baltes was the first women at the finish with 1:43:47.


  1. Patrick Bragassa 1:17:14
  2. Chris Lundberg 1:19:50
  3. Josh Wise 1:23:14
  4. Michael Lutz 1:25:14
  5. Alexander Kennedy 1:29:32

  1. Sheralyn Baltes 1:43:47
  2. Elissa Lilly 1:46:53
  3. Kelli Gauthier 1:47:40
  4. Jody Crabtree 1:48:44
  5. Kate Little 1:50:01

Results for all participants are available on the official John Colter Half Marathon results page (search by year).

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