IOA Corporate 5K Results

Recent results from IOA Corporate 5K for elite runners are published below. IOA Corporate 5K takes place in Lake Eola, Downtown Orlando, FL. Presented by News 13 and Bright House Sports Network is held exclusively for Florida’s corporate community. Businesses and non-profit organizations form teams and participate in the Corporate 5k for camaraderie.

IOA Corporate 5K 2014 Results

Apr 17, 2014. Bill Vanos took home the top honours in the men’s division with 15:24 and Kristen Tenaglia clocked 17:48 to win the women’s title.


  1. Bill Vanos 15:24

  1. Kristen Tenaglia 17:48

Photos / Videos

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IOA Corporate 5K 2013 Results

Apr 18, 2013. Evan Dehart finished the course in a time of 15:46 to win the men’s title and Kristen Tenaglia clocked 17:43 to win the women’s title.


  1. Evan Dehart 15:46
  2. .

  1. Kristen Tenaglia 17:43
  2. .

IOA Corporate 5K 2012 Results

Andrew Sheeter finished the course in a time of 21:05 to win the men’s title and Melanie Fernandez clocked 23:55 to win the women’s title.


  1. Andrew Sheeter 21:05
  2. Carlos Carbonell 21:25
  3. Chris Hurst 21:36
  4. Peter Barts 21:50
  5. bill mccorey 23:20

  1. Melanie Fernandez 23:55
  2. Susan Stucker 32:40
  3. Lisa Somerville 1:08:30
  4. .
  5. .

Results for all participants are available on the official IOA Corporate 5K results page (search by year).

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