Hot Chocolate Atlanta 5K Results

Hot Chocolate Atlanta 15K Results

Recent results from Hot Chocolate Atlanta 5K for elite runners are published below. Hot Chocolate Atlanta 5K takes place annually at Turner Field, Atlanta, USA.  The events includes not just 5k but also a 15K run.The post-race party is a giant fondue and hot chocolate party.

Hot Chocolate Atlanta 5K 2014 Results

Jan 26, 2014. Results awaited.

Photos / Videos

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Hot Chocolate Atlanta 5K 2013 Results

Jan 13, 2013. Rabah Syed won the men’s 5K in 16:38 time whereas Mary Williams won the women’s race in 19:38 time.


  1. Rabah Syed 16:38 
  2. Alejandro Arreola 18:13 
  3. Joshua Arceneaux 18:29 
  4. William Widener 18:45 
  5. Brackin Stewat 18:50

  1. Mary Williams 19:38
  2. Lindsey Williams 19:40
  3. Marcia Ammons 19:42
  4. Alissa Wilke 20:02
  5. Rachel Mason 20:33

Results for all participants are available on the official Hot Chocolate Atlanta 5K results page.

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