Hood to Coast Relay Results

OfficeMax Portland To Coast Walk Relay Results

Recent results from the Hood to Coast Relay are published below. Hood to Coast Relay, billed as “The Mother of All Relays”,  is the largest Relay in the World with incredible adventure and unbeatable scenery. The Relay is a fundraiser for charity of choice: American Cancer Society. The course runs 322 km (199 miles) from majestic Mt. Hood to beautiful Pacific Ocean in Seaside.

Hood to Coast Relay 2015 Results

Aug 28, 2015. Team World Vision – Abantu Africa took home the top honors in the relay with a time of 28:25:09.

  1. Team World Vision – Abantu Africa 28:25:09
  2. Team Footloose 28:26:15
  3. Mother Suckin Runners 28:27:19
  4. Dazed Runners 28:27:40
  5. Baja Fresh Burrito Makers 28:28:50

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OfficeMax Hood to Coast Relay 2012 Results

Aug 24-25, 2012. Making their U.S. debut at the invitation of team sponsor Nike, 2012 Hakone Ekiden course record setters Toyo University won the U.S.’ premier road relay, Oregon’s Hood to Coast Relay, on Aug. 24-25.

  1. Toyo University – 17:14:37
  2. Bowerman AC – 17:56:00
  3. Knoxville Track Club – 18:14:17
  4. Icebreaker Lund – 18:35:45
  5. Univ. of Portland Alumni – 19:18:40

OfficeMax Hood to Coast Relay 2011 Results

Aug 26 – 27, 2011. There was controversy at the finish. Bowerman Athletic Club, a Nike-affiliated team, finished first but was given a time penalty because the team missed an exchange and one runner ran two consecutive legs, said Jude Hubber, a relay spokesman. The violation knocked the team into second place after the Knoxville Track Club, which had finished 21 seconds behind.

  1. Knoxville Track Club 704 18:05:07
  2. BAC Men 1 18:44:29
  3. Portland Track Club 298 19:29:21
  4. Tarahumara 903 19:46:42
  5. Willamette Dental 353 19:53:00

Results for all participants are available on the official OfficeMax Hood to Coast Relay results page (search by year).

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