Haspa Hamburg Marathon Results

Recent results from Haspa Hamburg Marathon for elite runners are published below. Haspa Marathon Hamburg is one of Germany’s largest road running competitions and a total of 15,174 runners participated in the 25th edition in 2010. The record participation for the event came in 2005 when a total of 17,502 runners completed the course.

Haspa Marathon Hamburg 2015 Results

Apr 26, 2015. Kenya’s Lucas Rotich prevailed in the men’s race at the 2015 Hamburg Marathon on Sunday, winning in a personal-best time of two hours, seven minutes and 11 seconds.Meseret Hailu of Ethiopia came through to win the women’s race in a time of two hours, 25 minutes and 41 seconds, ahead of marathon debutant Sylvia Kibet of Kenya in second.


  1. Rotich, Lucas 02:07:17
  2. Ghebreslassie, Ghirmay 02:07:47
  3. Chebogut, Stephen 02:08:01
  4. Rono, Philemon 02:08:18
  5. Kipketer, Gideon 02:09:34

  1. Hailu, Meseret 02:25:41
  2. ibet, Sylvia 02:26:16
  3. Naigambo, Beata 02:27:28
  4. Lobacevske, Diana 02:28:57
  5. Prokopeva, Alina 02:29:18

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Haspa Marathon Hamburg 2014 Results

May 4, 2014. On the men’s side where Shumi Dechasa negative-splitted a PB 2:06:43 for the win over pre-race favorite Eric Ndiema. In the women’s race, 2:21 runner Georgina Rono (Kenya) did the expected, outclassing the field for the win in 2:26:47.


  1. Dechasa, Shumi (ETH) 02:06:43
  2. Ndiema, Eric (KEN) 02:07:00
  3. Rono, Philemon (KEN) 02:07:07
  4. Asefa, Belay (ETH) 02:07:10
  5. Korir, Laban (KEN) 02:08:04

  1. Rono, Georgina (KEN) 02:26:47
  2. Mekash, Dinknesh (ETH) 02:27:29
  3. Jepkorir, Winny (KEN) 02:27:57
  4. Gizaw, Melkam (ETH) 02:28:14
  5. HE, Yinli (CHN) 02:28:56

Haspa Marathon Hamburg 2013 Results

Apr 21, 2013. Eliud Kipchoge prepared for his marathon debut here under coach Patrick Sang with Emmanuel Mutai, Stephen Kiprotich (who both ran London) and Abel Kirui (who withdrew from London with a leg injury).  He ran an excellent time of 2:05:30 to get the win. Diana Lobacevske was the winner in the women’s section with 2:29:17.


  1. Eliud Kipchoge, KEN 2:05:30
  2. Limenih Getachew, ETH 2:07:35
  3. Lawrence Kimaiyo, KEN 2:10:27
  4. Belay Asefa, ETH 2:11:53
  5. Marius Ionescu, ROM 2:13:33

  1. Diana Lobacevske, LTU 2:29:17
  2. Maja Neuenschwander, SUI 2:30:50
  3. Priscilla Lorchima, KEN 2:31:23
  4. Lisa Hahner, GER 2:31:49
  5. Iuliia Andreeva, KGZ 2:33:04

Results for all participants are available on the official Hamburg Marathon results page (search by year).

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