Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run Results

Great Scottish Run Half Marathon Results

Recent results from the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon are published below. The Great Scottish Run is an extremely popular road race, one of the Scotland’s largest mass participation sporting event. Great Scottish Run is a truly inspirational series of races that allow runners of all abilities to take to the streets of Glasgow, raise thousands of pounds for charity and push themselves to new personal bests.

Great Scottish Run Half Marathon 2012 Results

Sep 2, 2012. Joseph Birech of Kenya broke the tape at 1:03:14 to win the men’s title and Bezunesh Bekele of Ethiopia was the winner in the women’s section with 1:09:09.


  1. Joseph BIRECH KEN 1:03:14
  2. Sohta HOSHI JPN 1:03:49
  3. John KELAI KEN 1:04:17
  4. Masamichi SHINOZAKI JPN 1:05:10
  5. Yuki TAKAMIYA JPN 1:05:19

  1. Bezunesh BEKELE ETH 1:09:09
  2. Aya NAGATA JPN 1:12:02
  3. Grace MOMANYI KEN 1:12:41
  4. Shino SAITO JPN 1:13:23
  5. Hayley HAINING GBR 1:15:03

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Great Scottish Run Half Marathon 2011 Results

Sep 4, 2011. More than 22,500 people took to the streets of Glasgow over the weekend during the country’s largest running event. Among those who pulled on their trainers for this year’s races were TV star Nell McAndrew, Miss Scotland Jennifer Reoch and Olympian Jason Gardener MBE.


  1. Birech Joseph Kenya 1:01:26
  2. Rictich Bernard Kipkemoi Kenya 1:01:28
  3. Ismail Rashed Essa Qatar 1:02:10
  4. Mbote Jason Kenya 1:02:44
  5. Maeda Kazuhiro Japan 1:03:45

  1. Chepchirchir Flomena 1:09:26
  2. Kibet Hilda Jepchumba 1:09:36
  3. Fujita Mayumi 1:11:51
  4. Watanabe Yuko 1:14:06
  5. Tefera Dinknesh 1:14:27

Great Scottish Run Half Marathon 2010 Results

Hailu Mekonnen who specializes in the 5000 metres and cross-country running was the winner of Marathon with a record time of 1:01:53. While Jason Mbote, previous year winner secured the second place in record time of 1:01:58. Caroline Cheptonui Kilel of Kenya took the women’s race in a solid 1:09:03.


  1. Hailu MEKONNEN ETH 1:01:53
  2. Jason MBOTE KEN 1:01:58
  3. Lucky Modike MOHALE RSA 1:03:20
  4. Mwangi Samel GICHOCHI KEN 1:03:21
  5. Tsegezeab WOLDEMICHAEL ERI 1:03:47

  1. Caroline KILEL KEN 1:09:11
  2. Eyerusalem KUMA ETH 1:11:15
  3. Etalemahu KIDANE ETH 1:11:25
  4. Julia MUMBI KEN 1:12:42
  5. Hiroko SHOI JPN 1:13:07

Results for all participants are available on the official Great Scottish Run Half  Marathon results page.

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