Gate River Run Results

February 21, 2013


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Recent results from Gate River Run for elite runners are published below. The Gate River Run (GRR), formerly known as the Jacksonville River Run, is an annual 15 kilometer road race in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, that attracts both competitive and recreational runners.The GATE River Run will once again serve as the USA 15K Championship with America’s top Olympic athletes competing for $85,000 in prize money.

Gate River Run 2014 Results

Mar 15, 2014. Shalane Flanagan — a 32-year-old Olympic bronze medalist from Portland, Oregon — jumped to a huge lead early and ran solo the rest of the way to cross the finish line first at 47:00 – a new American women’s 15K record. At 43:04, defending Gate River Run champion Benjamin True was the fastest man.


  1. Benjamin True 43:04
  2. Christopher Derrick 43:15
  3. Tim Ritchie 43:24
  4. Christo Landry 43:58
  5. Matt Llano 44:02

  1. Shalane Flanagan 47:00
  2. Janet Bawcom 49:24
  3. Amy Van Alstine 49:49
  4. Alexi Pappas 50:06
  5. Lindsey Scherf 50:31

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Gate River Run 2013 Results

Mar 9, 2013. Like last year, Janet Bawcom was the big winner here.  She not only successfully defended her women’s title, but she also got the “Equalizer” bonus (again!) for finishing ahead of the first man (the elite women were given a 6:35 head start).  Bawcom crossed the finish line 29 seconds ahead of men’s winner, Ben True.


  1. Ben True 43:38
  2. Bobby Curtis 43:40
  3. Ryan Vail 43:43
  4. Sean Quigley 43:45
  5. Christo Landry 43:46

  1. Janet Bawcom 49:44
  2. Alisha Williams 50:01
  3. Stephanie Rothstein Bruce 50:09
  4. Brianne Nelson 50:29
  5. Mattie Suver 50:30

Gate River Run 2012 Results

Janet Cherobon, 33, won the elite category of women for the first time. Cherobon claimed not only the women’s champion title but also the prize of a $5,000 equalizer bonus. Mohamed “Mo” Trafeh finished first for the elite men’s group for the third time, according to the TU.  Trafeh’s official time was 43:22.


  1. Mohamed Trafeh 43:22
  2. Christopher Landry 44:36
  3. Tim Ritchie 44:40
  4. Ben Bruce 44:46
  5. Joseph Chirlee 44:50

  1. Janet Cherobon 49:38
  2. Molly Huddle 49:54
  3. Maegan Krifchin 50:41
  4. Lindsey Scherf 51:05
  5. Adrian Nelson 51:34

Results for all participants are available on the official Gate River Run results page (search by year).

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Doyle Shaw March 15, 2014 at 10:43 pm

Today I ran the GRR for the first time in 17 years. I had to put my running on hold because of a knee injury. Just wanted to say that I loved it as much as ever before.


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