Frost Giant 10K Results

Frost Giant 10K Results

Recent results from Frost Giant 10K for elite runners are published below. Frost Giant 10K, a well-organized, fun and challenging race is a combination of road and cross country running. Sponsored by the Estes Valley Recreation and Park District the race runs down MacGregor Avenue in Estes Park and on out to the historic MacGregor ranch adjacent to Lumpy Ridge in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Frost Giant 10K 2013 Results

Jan, 2013. Results Awaited.

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Frost Giant 10K 2012 Results

Jan 29, 2012. ROB KOSICK won the men’s 10K race in a time of 37 minutes and 19 seconds. RUBY BODE won the women’s title in 43:34 time.


  1. ROB KOSICK 37:19
  2. NICK CLARK 38:33
  3. RYAN LAWRENCE 39:11
  4. COREY HANSON 40:20
  5. SCOTT SLUSHER 41:09

  1. RUBY BODE 43:34
  2. SARAH HANSEN 44:29
  4. JENNAH JONES 47:36

Frost Giant 10K 2011 Results

Nick Clark of Fort Collins won both the men`s 5K and 10K races at Sunday`s 32nd Frost Giant. Clark, an ultra-marathon runner, won the 5K in 17:56, then turned around to win the 10K in 36:23, minute over second-place finisher, Ryan Burch. Local runner Lisa Marshall finished first over-all for the women`s 10K with a time of 49:45


  1. Nick Clark 36:23
  2. Ryan Burch 37:28
  3. Mark Saunders 38:26
  4. Peter Swank 38:34
  5. Richard Bruns 41:43

  1. Lisa Marshall 49:45
  2. Casey Shea 50:40
  3. Kirsten Mccay-smith 51:42
  4. Jennifer Fredrickso 51:53
  5. Ann Finley 53:59

Results for all participants are available on the official Frost Giant 10K website.

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